Monday, March 20, 2006


Young SachinHappened to read a very scary piece of trivia today, that was put together after Sachin Tendulkar failed on the cricket pitch and was booed by the Mumbai crowd:

* Sunil Gavaskar was booed by the same crowd after he failed in the 1987 Reliance World Cup match against England. It was his last one-day international.
* Farokh Engineer was also booed by the Mumbai crowd after a lacklustre showing, and it turned out to be his last international match.

I know that the same fate will not befall Sachin, he has thousands of runs to go in his career. Still, am greatly saddened about the crowd behaviour. Sachin was THE reason I used to watch cricket. Even now (hardly interested in cricket), if there is a match on, all I want to know is: "What is Sachin's score?"

Please hit form soon, Sachin!


Jeevan said...

sure this match will not be his last one, Sachin have to achive more. my favorite cricket player is Dravid.

harry said...

sachin had done well in the paki ODIs donno what the prom is now but i expect him to come back strongly in the second innings if possible a match winning knock..sachin deserves a world cup under his belt and 2007 it is..

Gladtomeetin said...

Sure Sachin will be rock again....
Sachin is my favorite too !

Anoop Sundaram said...

vinesh.... i too hope he gets runs ... plenty of em soon... but if he continues at this rate i guess he wud follow saurav!!

vasanthi said...

i know-he is like god.

Padma said...

I strongly blieve that Sachin will surely come back to form very soon..

maha said...

i am also a die hard fan of sachin. even for me, wen a india match is going on, i am more interested in knowing sachin's score than anything else... its very sad to see sachin like this. i strongly hope tat he comes back with a bang..

Random Access said...

i was shocked too.. u hav ups n downs, but if the down is more than a couple of years u need to take a srs look at urself... i hope sachin does tht... its been his defensive mindset thts been his undoing... hope to c him go out with a bang not a boo..

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

JP said...

This is an age of immense competition, so he needs play a good inings, else he must face the door.

anup.777 said...

Yes ... that's the hope that rings in so many hearts across India ...

sai thilak said...

Booing was worst to happen. It was worst thing that we payed to his greatnes. Every player will go through ups and downs in his career... Now, Sachin goin thru his troughs... He will surely come out of this and answer the booers in us

Deepti said...

hmm... seriously!!! To Boo Sachin after everything........ is wicked and ucalled for!!! I do hope that injury of his sets fine and he gets back to blasting away !!!

ashok said...

i was sad to hear about this mumbai crowd behaviour... :(

Anonymous said...

Hi vinesh
Have you seen this?

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Pardon me...what is wrong in Booing if someone fails continuously. After all, the same people exploded in applause when he did well didn't they...People had Posters calling him 'GOD'..right? So what's wrong about this.

He might have been a superstar once.! But comeon..age is catching up..look at his injuries in the last few years.! Look at his performance in the last few years..Hasn't it faded...? How many chances should be give Sachin?

I felt sad when Kapil, Srikanth, Imran Khan, Qadir, Richards to name a few faded away..but it happens all the time.

Its high time Indian cricket Sachin fans realize that all dreams end one day. Happier the better.

I am sure some youngster will come and take the place Sachin left.just like what Sachin did.

ranjit said...

i think the crowd is justified....
he was anyways playing so slowly because he KNEW his injury was hurting him..and he was doddering around out there when he wasnt at 100% fitness.
its ridiculous how the same rules that are applied for ganguly are very conveniently overlooked when it comes to sachin airtelkar.

i am a fan too...and in his day, one could touch him,
i indians we always want him to do well and all that,but atleast play properly,or come back when you're fit.
dont pretend to be fit,and then play slowly.
the previous match too, he played so goddamn slow.

remember...when warne and sachin were invited to meet bradman as a PR exercise..warne soon?
sachin asked, how much?

cmon people.
we are capable of producing more sachins.
make this one bow out gracefully.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

He must retire gracefully !

Srijith Unni said...

One reason for sachin having so much of problems, is that there is too much of hype and expectation.

Leave him alone.. Stop the endorsements, now that he must be having enough money..

Let him just enjoy the game and I`m sure maestro will be back

Vinesh, like the girls say in college "Same sweet".. The reason I started watching cricket is also because of sachin.

An avid Sachin fan,