Thursday, September 28, 2017


Possibly the biggest change I've introduced into my life was my decision to start living in a new country. Leaving behind so much that was known, leaping into something completely unknown - no guarantees, no obvious directions... this wasn't the me I'd known all my life. Almost as if to desperately find positivity, I coerced myself to believe that moving out of my comfort zone was a good thing.

As a consequence of this change, I also ended up increasing my geographical distance from several human connections - ones that I enjoyed and ones that I could have grown to enjoy. True love knows no geography, I believed when I was younger. Yes, I really did - haha! To be accurate, though, even if nothing happens to the 'love', its practical everyday manifestation (be it articulation or demonstration) is severely endangered by distance.

So what do I do with my plentiful thoughts, my ideas, my jokes and my observations that I seem to have when no one's available to share with? I could say them aloud in an empty room and forget them forever. Or I could record them here, because it feels like there's a chance someone (including an older me) may like to partake in my sharing.

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