Monday, January 31, 2011


Though I don't listen to as much music as I used to before, I try and keep up with the latest Tamil and Hindi film music. To remember the songs that brought me much delight in 2010, I put together a list of my favourite songs in 2010. Have always wanted to make year-end lists, so maybe this will be the beginning.

01. KadhaigaLai paesum vizhi aruge (Angaadi Theru)
02. Mannippaaya (ViNNaithaaNdi Varuvaayaa)
03. Maegam vandhu pogum (Mandhira Punnagai)
04. Thooral ninraalum (Chikku Bukku)
05. PookkaL pookkum tharuNam (Madharaasappattinam)
06. Enna kurayo (Mandhira Punnagai)
07. Neela vaanam (Manmadhan Ambu)
08. Un paerai sollum bodhe (Angaadi Theru)
09. Naan pogiren maele maele (NaaNayam)
10. Adada mazhada (Payyaa)
11. Usure pogudhe (RaavaNan)
12. Hosanna (ViNNaithaandi Varuvaayaa)
13. Idhuvarai illaadha uNarvidhu (Goa)
14. Kayya pudi (Mynaa)
15. Who's the hero (Manmadhan Ambu)

01. Dil to bachha hai ji (Ishqiya)
02. Nana chi tang (Khatta Meetha)
03. Baarhaan dil mein - male and female versions(Mr Singh Mrs Mehta)
04. Dil kyun ye mera (Kites)
05. Zindagi do pal ki (Kites)
06. Ajnabi aankhein (Mr Singh Mrs Mehta)
07. Tere mast mast do nain (Dabangg)
08. Ab mujhe koi (Ishqiya)
09. Ae khuda tu kuchh to bata (Mr Singh Mrs Mehta)
10. Pee loon (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai)


Destination Infinity said...

Thanks for this list. I am totally clueless from the time I came to this place not having a TV just adds to it! I will listen to them all in the Internet :)

The idhuvarai illadha unarvidhu from Goa was almost a forgotten one! Thanks for reminding... And I too love Kayya pudi from Myna - its an awesome song :) But yet to listen to some more songs....

Destination Infinity

Jeevan said...

Almost your favorite Tamil songs had delighted me a lot still!

Roomba Guy said...

Great list of songs my friend.

ashok said...

wats up vignesh?...coming here after quite some time...