Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have often wished navigating Bangalore were easier. My wish has been granted! A good friend from work shared this website ( with me. If you live in Bangalore, Latlong is a boon, because:

1. You can find out the distance, driving directions, and map route between any two places in Bangalore.

2. You can search for a (reasonably famous) building, shop, restaurant etc., and you can see its map location, landmarks, etc.

3. You can search for a service in a particular area (example: Driving Schools in Koramangala, Pizza in Bannerghatta Road, etc) and be provided with the closest options.

This website also offers an SMS service. You can sms FROM TO to 90088-90088, and you will receive information via sms within 10 seconds! The SMS service also provides the approximate auto fare for this distance, which I have tested to be pretty accurate! I understand these sms-es are charged as local sms-es per your operator tariff plan.

Kudos to the company Onze Techologies' hard work and initiative in creating this service!


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

the question is does it handle one way traffics and road blocks? bangalore is full of it :p

Bhargav said...

It doesn't seem to handle one ways so well. Anyway, there are other similar sites:
1. - again doesn't handle one ways too well.
Mapmaker allows you to edit directions, places, etc. thereby gradually improving Google's map of Bangalore.

narayanan said...

Google maps works pretty well for Bangalore. Not that well marked for Madras though

Anonymous said...

A SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER TOOLS? It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in ypour field.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Sud said...

Kausikram Krishnasayee:
Latlong is supposed to handle one ways well. Did you have a problem?

Sudarshan HS said...

I would be curious to know if you faced a problem with one ways.
Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

Easily I agree but I about the brief should acquire more info then it has.