Thursday, August 16, 2007


After all those e-mails that we thought were hoaxes about mobile phones blowing up... Nokia has announced the biggest consumer electronics product recall. If you folks don't know what I'm talking about - check this link out:
Apparently, only a miniscule number of batteries (46 million) are faulty. PTI News reports that there have been no complaints from India yet.

Well, I'm the FIRST, then! I feel sooooooooo special!!!


RSP said... - write about this

Jeevan said...

Our Nokia doest have this BL-5C on the battery!

PreethZzZ said...

phew... i escaped... ;) my phone fell into the water and so i need to get a new one now! LOL!

Viewer said...

Well me to lucky to have BL-5B :) Bach gayee !!!!!!!!

Vinesh said...

It has been 13 days - no replacement yet. They promised it would be sent in 10 days.

deepanjali said...

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narayanan said...

i had a Nokia 6030 with BL-5C battery. The online registeration doesnt work. Just check with any Nokia service center, if they have stock they'll replace it. Prolly u'll need the receipt of purchase.

I got mine replaced.

Vinesh said...

@narayanan: i actually got my replacement battery by courier - after 3 weeks though!

that it doesn't work properly is a different thing.

Anonymous said...

Live India Vs Australia 3rd One Day.


Anonymous said...

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