Saturday, December 23, 2006


Top Star PrashanthLink: Tamil star Prashanth wants wife back

When did Prashanth become a superstar?
(read first line of IBN news article)

Here is a list of monikers of South Indian actors for the benefit of ignorant news channels. Let me see how many stars I can recollect. Folks correct me if I got any wrong or missed any.

Superstar - Rajnikanth
Mega Star - Chiranjeevi & Mammootty
Supreme Star - Sarath Kumar
Little Superstar - Simbhu
Ultimate Star - Ajith Kumar
Top Star - Prashanth
Multiple Star (my favourite!!) - SJ Suryah
Power Star - Pawan Kalyan
Mighty Star - Junior NTR
Real Star - Upendra

Other titles (with English translation):
Ulaga Naayagan (Universal Hero) - Kamal Hassan
Ilaya Dhalapadhi (Young Turk) - Vijay
Puratchi Thalaivar (Revolutionary Leader)- MGR
Puratchi Kalaignar (Revolutionary Artiste)/ Captain - Vijaykanth
Puratchi Thamizhan (Revolutionary Tamilian) - Sathyaraj
Puratchi Nadigar (Revolutionary Actor) - Murali
Makkal Naayagan (People's Hero) - Ramarajan
Navarasa Naayagan (Hero of All Nine Emotions) - Karthik
Makkal Thilagam (People's ???) - MGR
Nadigar Thilagam (Actors' ???) - Sivaji
Nadigayar Thilagam (Actresses' ???)- Savithiri
Kaadhal Mannan (King of Love) - Gemini Ganesan
Ilaya Thilagam (Young ???) - Prabhu
Vaigai Puyal (Storm from Vaigai) - Vadivelu
JanangaLin Kalaignan (Masses' Artiste)- Vivek
Punnagai Arasi (Queen of Smile) - K.R.Vijaya
Punnagai Ilavarasi (Princess of Smile) - Sneha
Abhinaya Saraswathi (God please translate)- Saroja Devi
Naatiya Peroli (Light of Dance) - Padmini


psomu said...

Aftr the success of 23 pullikesi, u can even add Vaigai Puyal to the list.

kausikram krishnasayee said...

u missed a lot of the others ..i am quite sure

Ravi said...

Vinesh, why did you leave out the heroines?
Punnagai Arasi - K.R.Vijaya
Punnagai Ilavarasi - Sneha
Abhinaya Saraswathi / Kannadathu MayngiLi - Saroja Devi
Naatiya Peroli - Padmini
Nadigayar thilagam - Savithiri

Vinesh said...

@psomu: added

@kausikram: help me with more buddy

@ravi: thanks bud. added to list! :)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

vivek if im not wrong is chinna kalaivanar, and not makkal kalaignan

vasanthi said...

Is SJ surya really your favourite-that is very disappointing.

Vinesh said...

@ada-paavi: vivek kept saying that he didn't like chinna kalaivaanar title. so of late his movies have begun to have "makkal kalaignan" if i'm not getting the name wrong..

@vasanthi: ayyo, pls enna thappa nenaikka veNam :-) i said the nickname "multiple star" is my favourite, not that ass@#&%

Jeevan said...

What a great list vinesh;) Merry Christmas!

Random Access said...

haha... good listing... here is my 1 paise...

Kalaivanar - NS Krishnan

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

Simply Senthil said...


Vivek is not "Makkal Kalaignan". He is "Janangalin Kalaignan".

Vinesh said...

ah - janangalin kalaignan. thanks buddy!!

Somu said...

Is Vivek not ppopularly known as "Chinna Kalaivaanar" ???

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Abhinaya Saraswati translation- Artiste of excellent expressions :P

Thilagam- pinnacle? ;)

He he... semma vettiya irukkingalo? Yeneway... Semma list! Vaazhkaikku romba thevai! :P


Rathi said...

Vine Thilagam also can be translated to "Pottu" hehehe

Great list...after ur post only ..i came to know abt prasanth's controversy.

Priya said...

cool list man!! sema comedy ah irukku!!:D

pradeep said...

You've left out

Mellisai Mannar - MSV
Isaignani - IR
Isai puyal - ARR
Thenisai thendral (yuck!) - You know who. :P

Anonymous said...

Useless creatures in tamil cinema... unrelated names to these stupid actors and actresses exploiting people's money... funny people like prashanth, sneha getting funny names like topstar, punnagai ilavarasi where their names doesn't suit them at all.. when all movies of prashanth flops, he wants to name himself topstar.. when people run away when sneha opens her mouth, she wants to be called smiling princess.. now his marriage life is in streets and her name in police raid as she was caught in police raid.. when both got too close relationship with each other, prashanth still says he has clean image.. what a film industry.. too nasty industry

VINEELA said...

Hey Vinesh...nice article

I always wonder abt this music director