Friday, December 08, 2006


She pulled him away
From the path of a speeding truck!
Why don't you want to live, she asked.
I don't have a reason to live, he said.

She kissed him firmly on his lips.
A promise was born!

A promise that flickers nervously now
In front of his eyes now amidst blackouts
In the Intensive Care Unit.
This time, a speeding truck
He didn't plan to stand in front of.


Anonymous said...

Nice wrk.

If u knw this place do lemme knw. I could pull a trick and get my share too ;)


kuttichuvaru said...

oho.... irony-aa?? gud gud!!

Vinesh said...

@hurry: dai, trust you to pick the WRONG focus :-)

@kuttichuvaru: well it isn't as cardboard cutout irony as it seems, i wasn't able to convey it any better

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Very beautiful... Alaipayuthey inspired? :)

Vinesh said...

@sandhya: hey ennayya? hospital... icu-nnaale alaipayuthey-va :-)

Arpita said...

Very nice! I have been readin ur blog for quite sometime now and its my second fav blog. Do write more poems.

Vinesh said...

@arpita: thanks arpita!

is the logical qstn now... what is your favourite blog? :-)

Arpita said...

Its - Urs is the second best;)

Jeevan said...

good one dear:)

Divya said...

Good one!

Rathi said...

vine toooo good! I'm very much touched by ur word:-)

Random Access said...

Kept It Short and Sweet. Not many can many can, such a beauty. Congrats!

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

Paavai said...

Nice one