Thursday, November 16, 2006


Ethiopian food - Dosa type Injeras with side dishes
Am I missing Indian food? NO WAY, HOSAY!

Taking the opportunity to eat as much beef as possible - difficult to get back home. Also, a colleague-friend has been nice enough to take me to different cuisine restaurants. Have tried Ethiopian and Polish so far. Both have been very memorable dining experiences for me. Look forward to cuisines Japanese, Arabic, Vanuatu, Samoa Island, Guatemala, and Vatican City! :-)

Table manners? Aah! I knew the crash course in knife-fork eating wasn't enough. Struggled way too much with the cutlery before I surrendered and dug my hand into the food. Somehow, spoons, forks, and knives seem like prosthetic limbs. So difficult to operate them, and a waste when you already have natural limbs (profoundness for the day). Have been successful in chewing food with my mouth closed though.

Pizza here is so much more yum and cheesy than Indian pizza. Though that's probably because I eat Rs.110 pizzas there, and there's nothing less than $8 pizzas here. Ate the famous pepperoni - yummmmmmalicioiuss!!!! :-)


Viewer said...

Wow pepperoni thats yummm... Have not been to ur page since quiet some time and and fine day here u r in Detroit... :) Anyways I hope u enjoy ur stay there, although its a business visit :)

Rathi said...

hey dont get addicted to american food...u have to come back to reality the ususal routine in INDIA ...remember..hahaha...anyways ENJOY as much u want and can.

Padma said...

I think you are spending ur daily allowance in restaurant itself!!? just kidding :) Eat well.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to try the pasteries!

Make sure you try indian cuisines here too... Thai food is pretty good here, so is chinese =P. You need to find a panda express somewhere... LOL!

Pepperoni? Eewwww. Try canadian bacon =P


Jeevan said...

I dont know how to eat in Knife and Fork:( never tried

Anonymous said...

I guess you meant no way, Jose?

Divya said...

Have u yet tried the veggie lover in Pizza hut??

Dalicia said...

ohh u ate ethiopian in that plate? u didn't experience the real thing.

amazing what type of cuisines you can find in the states!