Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The only time I've experienced static shocks is from my computer screen back home. Here, I seem to be getting shocks from everywhere - door knobs, switches, elevator buttons.

I was highly concerned that I may get static shocks from toilet paper (now that would be disastrous!) when I stumbled upon this webpage: Static Shocks

Now this is getting so bad that I'm becoming paranoid about touching stuff. I mean, I carefully touch stuff with one finger instead of clutching at a door knob or something. I know that's foolish, because I'm still going to get the shock when I use my finger.

Tried to look up if there's a phobia listed for fear of static electricity at: Unusual Phobias. This is one whacky website (!) but I couldn't get my answer.

Hmm.. as if the culture shock was not enough!


surgeon said...

hey, that happens in my lab all the time. We've notice it happens more in the winters. And we get shocks even if we touch the doorknob. Apparently it affects only my lab in all of iit

Rathi said...

Even i have heard abt these static shocks...may be its related to the extreme winter season and ur body temperature and some scientific stuff.

Padma said...

Oops! Be careful. Is it bcos of the extreme climate?

Rose said...

I have experienced static shocks when i went to Pune. The temperature then was 4.5 degree and when my friend touches me i get a shock, so used to run away from him.