Thursday, November 09, 2006


I can't get over the fact that I can see Canada from my balcony - it's right across the Detroit river! I live on the 26th floor, and get air sickness every time I use the elevator (they should come with puke bags). The view from top makes me feel I'm looking at children's playkits with a model road and hotwheels cars zooming by.

Probably because these sights are new to me, I'm quite fascinated by almost everything I see. Like a village bumpkin in the big city. Or a urban industrialist tycoon in a village.

The maximum temperature is 2 degrees celsius. In fahrenheit, that would be 36 degrees! I have only known 36 degrees celsius! Bangalore seemed human to me, having lived in Chennai all my life. Detroit is again the other extreme of Chennai. The worst part is I "feel" combatant against the cold when I'm outdoors. But the effect shows on my body once I'm back indoors, and my whole nasal system is screwed up!

And these people here drink only ice-cold water! I ask for water without ice, and I still get "ice water". Apparently I have to ask for "hot water" to get the temperature of water I drink. Bummer.

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Rathi said...

Hey vine...thats awesome, cing canada from detroit. free view..huh?? ur very lucky to enjoy the extremes of weather...chennai then detroit...Clue: ask for boiling water, may be they'll give the temp of water u normally drink;-)