Sunday, November 05, 2006


Detroit FlagArrived in Detroit, United States, on a business trip.

Personal milestones
* My first time out of India
* My first intelligible-age air travel
* Third city I've lived in for more than three days in a row, after Chennai and Bangalore

Bangalore to Mumbai to Amsterdam to Detroit was one huge sleepwalk. Felt I was slipping into a coma as I lost track of time, travelling across timezones. Thanks to my prior experience working in call centers and irregular eating schedules, never got to experience jet lag.

Temperature of 4 degrees centigrade! Not as cold as I psyched myself to cope with, strangely.

Bought a digital camera (Canon Powershots SD600) at Circuit City - good I did, had no clue this stuff would be so much cheaper in the US! You can watch out for lots of pictures soon, folks! :-) Checked out a few historical monuments of America - Wal*Mart, Taco Bell, and Best Buy, thanks to a friend who had a car.

P.S: Backdating this post to coincide with arrival date.


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Narayanan Venkitu said...

Its s Good camera indeed. Good luck...Next time..dont' buy in Circuit City...Check out Sam's club/Costco...or do it will be a lot cheaper.

How long in US?

Rathi said...

hey vine...nice to know about ur first diary abt abroad trip. hope u'll have a nice time ahead

Anonymous said...

canon is the best arnd....but buy it online if u can....would turn out to be much cheaper....or ask ppl you know here.....duhh.....