Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Borat at a high society dinner - In my country they would go crazy for these two women...Saw Borat over the weekend. At first, the character's face seemed quite repulsive, but as I watched the trailers, my interest in the film began to grow. The most outrageous stuff I'd watched since Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura. Little did I know that the actual movie would make Ace Ventura seem like subtle comedy.

For those who don't know Borat (played by Sacha Baron Cohen), he's a journalist who visits the "US and A" to learn from American culture to spread to his countrymen in Kazakhstan. His adventures in America form the movie, and it's a string of scenes put together like a high school play. He manages to shock and offend everyone he comes across, and makes the most chauvinistic, prejudiced, politically incorrect statements throughout the movie.

I know that I don't easily get shocked since I've already watched different kinds of crap in my life. I never thought, though, that I would laugh for jokes involving incest, paedophilia, and killing Jews, besides others. Maybe in a sense, the movie tickled my base senses that aren't cultured or civilised. Or maybe I just knew too much to take any of that stuff even a bit seriously.

The problem is this guy is addictive, and the more trailers you watch, the more you want to watch the movie. And once you've watched the movie, you want to watch it again. I'm currently digging out the other Borat clips available on YouTube and Google Video. Borat was a character originally created for Da Ali G Show, a TV series on HBO.

Borat says he's from Kazhakhstan, but the picture he paints of the country is nowhere close to the real Kazakhstan. The only people who will be fooled into believing otherwise need to have an IQ of less than 2.

What I like best about the movie is how it laughs at the human tendency to stereotype people, behaviour, and practices. We judge easily, we categorise easily - but how valid is that judgement or categorisation. Audiences who cannot see beyond the crude jokes will not get the true beauty of this movie for sure.

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Paavai said...

Have been reading Detroit diary. Your traveloges are a right balance of human element and facts.

This post prompted me to suggest that you read Victor Frankl

Rathi said...

Interesting...will want to watch the movie! looking forward to more cooolll updates from u:-)

Anoop said...

hey i too heard abt the movie from one of my friend some time back stating its too good!the movie aint gonna release in my place till january so psst.. downloading it now ;-)

Aradhana said...

Check out the clip if you can when Borat came for the Jay Leno's show. He's crazy funny!

vasanthi said...

Visited yur blog after a while. Came to know about the changes in your life-all the best and enjoy

Dalicia said...

i like this movie :) there are a lot of dumb people's so true