Friday, August 18, 2006


Does anybody use the message templates on their mobile phones? The ones that read, "In a meeting", "See you at", "Busy now. Will call later", and so on. I was scanning through the various options they have, and was terribly amused to see this one:

"I love you too"
Clearly, a boon for all those who have no time for their nagging partners - haha!
Folks, feel free to come up with your own ideas for message templates, and post them in the comments section :-)


Ramya said...
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Ramya said...

What the *beep*?
Who's this?

monu said...

i think "i love u too" is kinda sweet

can't think of one of my own!!!

depends on my mood.....if i m in a bad mood..i would say,
**** off! may be..

Bharathi said...

"Boss is Nearing"

"Busy Call You Later"

"I Miss You Dear"

Anonymous said...

"Yenna Koduma Saravanan Eethu"


Suja said...

"Nothing spl to say....Just a HI"

Karthik Srinivasan said...

My mobile has a picture called "Kiss" under message objects... And one animation graphic of a guy's heart beating in love... Idhellam message-la add panna adhuku mela pesa vera onnume illa :-D

Fathima said...

"Read your new post in blog.Good One"

How abt this template?

karthy said...

Vinesh - I wud prefer something like...

"I am going out wanna join me"
"Its a boring day without you" :P
"Thinking of you"
"Dear, Will be home in 15 mins" Reality - I normally send three of these messages 16th minute and 32nd minute
"Keep Curd Rice for Dinner"
and more...

vipin said...

girls click!
boys avoid!
BSNL 900 plan!

starry nights said...

" I love you too" would be nice. or really love you more than you do."' sounds a bit mushy but I think it will work well with women.

Orange Fronkey said...

"Oh no, not you again!"

"Like I said... leave a message at the sound of the beep... beep".

Vinesh said...

@ramya: ???

@monu: it is sweet, but i think prerecording love messages is kinda lazy :-)

@bharathi: boss is nearing - haha!

Vinesh said...

@loga: hahahahahahhaaha - now that would be something!

@suja: :-)

@karthik srinivasan: idhu romba too much - lol

Vinesh said...

@fathima: would be useful in blogger!

@kary: 16th and 32 minute - LOL!

@vipin: enna da solla vara?

@starry night: girls and mushiness - hmmm..

@merino: haha

G U R U said...

"damn ! am in the loo, call me later"

"The person you are trying to reach is out of coverage area"

"Hi, am para vetti now. Can we talk if you are vetti too ?"

"starting from office. Cannot pick the call util I reach home. Kindly control your imagination. Love ONLY you."

"Am in a stupid meeting. Can you send me some forwards?"

"No balance. Call me."

"Hi, I've changed my number again. Please make a note before I change it once again - XYZ"

"Aasay. Dosay. Appalam. Vaday. Send this powerful mantra to 10 people. Remember to send it back to the person who sent this to you. The message should leave your hands within the next five minutes to exactly know how many people are as jobless as you are."

Vinesh said...

Guru: Very good ones there - I think I know who starts off these email forwards now - haha

Gladtomeetin said...

"Currently i am unavailable, i'll catch u later ;-))"

Howz this?

Jeevan said...

I dont use the templates, because its rare for me to get a call or message:) should check this "I love u too" template.

maha said...

i think "thinkin about u" is a very good one. every time u r too busy n dont want to be nagged, this wud convince the other person..

mysorean said...

Who is this

யாத்திரீகன் said...

Love you too apdina vera artham varathaa ?! ;-)

Cymreig Draig said...

"Sorry I'm being disembowelled by vicious Emperor penguins at the moment. How about next... OUCH!"