Thursday, July 06, 2006


There is a saying in thamizh, "PombaLa sirichaa poachu" which means "If a woman laughs - it spells doom".

I think, "PombaLa azhudhaa poachu" (If a woman cries - hell breaks loose). Everyone is willing to believe a woman who is crying. Not every, but many women use these tears as a weapon. A weapon of believability. And fools (men and women) fall for them.

On a larger scale, women are generally "expected" to cry. And it is "understandable" when they cry. But men are not "meant" to cry. It is "unmanly". Am I the only one that did not laugh at Kapil Dev when he broke down on BBC, and did not guffaw at Vinod Kambli when he cried his way back to the pavilion in the 1996 World Cup semi-final?

Who are the people who made these atrocious rules?


pavithra lakshmanan said...

wow first to comment!!!i told one of my friends when he cried that "men don cry" and he said" real men do" so i guess itz only those pretendin to be all manly who are too ashamed to cry...i guess real men do and shud...bein a man doesnt stop u bein human does it?

Jayan said...

I agree with you. Real Men do cry.

Crying is as natural as laughing. If you are emotional, you would indulge in both. Tears are potent tranquilisers. You must feel the calm after the storm to understand it.

Well, Kambli's histrionics are another debate al2gether :)

maha said...

i know. its so unfair. crying is an outlet to our feelings and lots of people feel much better after crying. its unfair tat men shud be denied of tat right..

Astrologer said...

I think you have got it wrong. It is not about the emotion, but where you exactly do it. Try crying in front of a girl whom you love. Take my word she will never marry you. Tears are woman's weapon, but can become man's weakness. I know some 100 women who come and laugh telling me their boy friends were so sick....they used to cry in front of me! They are not atrocious rules - they are all well researchecd rules, which we refuse to accept because we think by making money, we have become more intelligent than our forefather :)

Jeevan said...

some use the 'cry & laugh' as a tool to achive their wish. we have to cry in some situation in our life, every cry is not shame.

Jo said...

What is so shameful in crying? As long as it is not to fool people, its okay. I remember another post came in another blog titled "its okay to cry". :-)

Random Access said...

Its not people, but society as a whole that makes these implicit rules through ages. Man is always considered as one, but a woman is considered as a family. There is a saying in marketting. You target a woman, you get the whole family as customers. Its the way we live. We dont have to be proud nor ashamed of it. Juz live it as it is :)

I dont want to generalise anything, but I think the main reason might be:

When women cry, men want to understand, but they dont. When men cry, they want men and women to understand, but they dont.

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

ramu said...

yup even men r human. thats y kapil used his tears as weapon to the innocent ones

Ramya said...

I thought women were better off at making men cry !

Vinesh said...

Thanks for the comments folks..
Its just that I have seen way too many women manipulate people using their tears..

Raghav said...

oh boy ! ask me, my GF drives me nuts with her tears ;-)

Gladtomeetin said...

Halo...Even You guys cry....wats wrong....its all there in your thinking ;-))

If u can achieve something with your tears, go ahead ;-))