Monday, June 19, 2006


Last week, I had to accompany a female friend to the police station for her passport renewal. I was to have initiated the "press note to palm" process to get her job done. But the policeman didn't ask, so I didn't give. My dissatisfied friend got the job done through another visit with another male friend.

Got caught a few years ago riding a scooter, by the traffic police, for crossing the stop line.

(Translated from Thamizh)
Police: What is your name?
Me: Vinesh.
(Questions about my education, employment follow..)

Police: The fine for this offence is Rs. 250. Will you pay?
Me: Ok sir, where should I pay?
Police: Police Station (K2, A2, B4 or something...)
Me: Ok sir, I will pay.
(Questions about my marital status, family background, residential address follow..)

Police: In police station they will ask you hundred questions. Do you want to do that?
Me: Sir, mistake is mine. I am ready to pay the fine.
(Questions about my marital status, family background, residential address follow..)

Police: Will you pay the fine in court?
Me: Which court, sir? Where?
Police: (names some court) It is a tedious procedure. You seem to be from a good family. You say you are a computer engineer. You know so much about software, you don't know traffic rules.
Me: I agreed that the fault is mine, I will pay the fine where you ask me to.
Police: How long have you been driving? Have you ever been caught for breaking traffic rules?
Me: One year. Never been caught.
(Looks at me up and down)
Police: Okay, go this time. Don't do it again.

Everybody I told this story to laughed at me because I "wasted thirty minutes for a two-minute job". I am not Indian Kamal to kill people who give/take bribes. But I don't know how to give a bribe myself either. So I am "not street smart" or "shrewd".

I can sense my shield having many holes in it because I'm actually feeling incompetent that I don't know how to give a bribe. And thinking that giving a bribe and "finishing the job" is linked to manliness.


kuttichuvaru said...

ha ha....'press note to the palm' is so true!! dont worry buddy, u hav company... i donno this too!!

Maya Cassis said...

same here same here
been there but not been able to do it.

Ravi said...

Vinesh, sad but true. That has been my case as well. The person who wants to be honest is made to look dumber (and as you rightly said "manlier"). Taking/giving bribe seems so casual that if you discourage it you are considered a fool. Does that mean bribery has become so ramphant?

Bharani said... is all like starting a bad habit...u donno how to smoke...then when u try first time....u feel guilty, awkward, amateur....but second, third, fourth...u r expert....the same steps apply here....try some time and let me know the results ...:)

visithra said...

err me too ;p

But my bro has a tactic that has worked as in not paying the fine nor the money ;p

he was a student - he tells the guy he has no money shows a purse containing 5 dollars - n the guy scolds him threatens to complain to his princi - n lets my bro go - he kept the rest of the money in his pocket ;p

shree said...

ok u were lucky. once my brother did the same thing, unfortunately there was a mobile court near standing near by and he had to pay a huge amount. friends yellam kalachi thallittanga

Srijith Unni said...

yeah basically, i think it is a bit tough to do it. me never been in this situation but i can imagine.
Hey I guess you`re like "Anniyan" Hee hee..!

With Regards,

prithz said...

Oh... same here.. i have no idea about it... :)

once... it so happened dat my dad sped the car when the signal was amber and when v half way thru, it changed to red... cant help it.. the police dada stopped us and was expectantly speakin to my dad... and my dad told him, dat a kid in our family is sick and needs to be taken to the hospital... and dat if this fella is goin to delay... anythin mite happen... he let us go... sentimenta thakitom illa....

Shrinivas said...
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Shrinivas said...

I had this similar experience in Anna University...But I won without "the press note in the palm" it works!!!

Jeevan said...

Once we stop giving bribe and pay the fine correctly, there will be no bribe. we are encouraging these people by paying less fine as bribe, if we make mistake, we should get punishment, then only we will not do the mistake next time. Last month my brother was fined for turning in the wrong direction in signal.

Murali said...

vinesh : I have a story similar to this which I will write in my blog :)

ashok said...

It works so beautifully in my place :)

Anonymous said...

@Vishithra - Been there, done that.....showed a wallet containing 3Rs 40 paise when i got pulled over a few years back...the cop TOOK IT...

but anywayz, i know its totally wrong and vthing, but if the situation demands it, i would rather give a bribe than waste my time arguing with a cop...and i wouldn't think twice about giving a bribe especially in situations like in the movie Indian (with his daughter in the deathbed and vthing), to me, thats just pushing it too far....


Adaengappa !! said...

Appreciate the way you dimiki koduthufy police mama !

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey I remember a similar incidence of my fav cousin brother, prashant in bglore and we all laughed at him for the same reason as urs...

"wasted thirty minutes for a two-minute job"

But in his case, his bro had to go to court to pay the fine!

pavithra lakshmanan said...

hehe...i wrote abt ma LLR delivery report in ma did it tho...don wanna get ma hands dirty ever!!!and hell no!!!it aint manly to do this...but yeah considered so...but who cares!!!be de way u r man

Anonymous said...

good attitude vinesh. our society is trying hard to bring upon us the feel tat bribe is a part of life..
rarely do we find bold people to go with the rules (against the commoners)..
i am happy to read this..
inoru pakkam idhai senchadhuku keli panra nra kaalam vandhutudhe nu varutham...


Cymreig Draig said...

Man, I wish I could be more like you. I once bribed a cop, I was younger and stupider then. Don't ever plan on doing it again.