Friday, December 02, 2005


My name is Armyfather
Owing to public demand, posting one more of Vega's works..


Lion walk put and climb up the pinnacle...
After climbing pinnacle climb up the sky...

My name is armyfather; young circle walk father
With me are there all youth lion armyfather
Chorus: Armyfather! Armyfather! Armyfather!
In chest six armyfather; back hundred armyfather
Battle one coming means ten finger armyfather
Chorus: Armyfather! Armyfather! Armyfather!
Affection having human father
I am moustache having baby father
Always good brother I father
Thanks having guy father
Lullaby and growing Tamil country's mud father

Lion walk put and climb up the pinnacle...
After climbing pinnacle climb up the sky...

Ten storey house having property no need
Kites buying and giving position also no need
Garland lay no need; golden crown also no need
Tamil mother country giving love enough
For my one drop sweat, one carat gold coin, giving Tamil only no?
My body, meaning, vapour for Tamil and Tamilians giving method only no?

Trust your hand and try to raise you
For you write yourself one history
Inside you power is there; that arousing way look you
Good time tomorrow garland wear it you...u..u..u..u
Ada who what character, who what strength, you see not anybody
One seed inside imprisoned banyan tree open eyes, till that wait O mind!


Manoj said...

I guess there's one such guy in every college. Here's a short version of the same song from my college.

Army Daddy

My name is armydaddy
Young circle walk daddy
All those with me are young lion armydaddy

(ducku ducku docka docka ducku ducku ..........)

In my heart six daddy
Back 100 army daddy
If a war is coming, 10 fingers army daddy


affectionate manu daddy, I am moustache keepu, babbydaddy
evergood brother daddy, faithfullu daddy
sang lullaby growth tamilcountry sand daddy

(In high high pitch)
lion walku put(uuuu), climb the peak(uuu)
if you peak reach, climb the skyeeee

Archana said...


"I am moustache having baby father"

is my favorite line :-))!

revatechnic said...

long live the translators..

naalaiya poets.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

>> I am moustache having baby father

was the class of it..

athelaam sari.. Sigara-thuku translation pinnacle-a.. ithelaam romba over translation-da samy.. :-)))


Srinivasan said...

Vive La Vega!!!

Mad Mad said...

Good one!
I remember one from my school days..

Kannum kannum koLlai adithaal, OPERATION endru artham!
Kadalai vaanam koLlai adithaal, EVOPERATION endru artham!
Poovai vandu koLlai adithaal, POLLINATION endru artham!
Pudhayal ennai koLlai adithaal,
EXPEDITION endru artham artham!!

Paravaigal tondrinaal, MIGRATION endru artham!
Paar kadal ponginaal, PASTEURISATION endru artham!
AaL illaamal adikadi sirithaal,
RETARDATION endru artham!
Azhagu pennin taayaar endraal,
PROPOSITION endru artham artham!!


kalai said...

iyyoooo vilundhu vilundhu sirikkiren rendu paatum paathu. that too i compared these with lyrics and read!!! ROTFL!!!

Jeevan said...

nice English lyrics. :)

Thayirsaadham said...

hey Vinesh, the earlier post is doing its rounds as forward. did u know that?

vega said...

the songs were originally published in the scoom website. they must have lifted it off scoom and forwarded it in emails.

narayanan said...

Armyfather :)) avaru yaaru? Father of Indian Army'a? :D


Dhinesh said...

hahahaaha... :D

hey are hilarious..!!!
would have never had thought of this song, in this angle.
I never knew a song could be directly translated to sound this funny..
My fav line..

"Lullaby and growing Tamil country's mud father".

Keep up the corny but good joke.

RP said...

Maamu... Toooo much. Enna trasalation ma... Super po.

Ramya said...


Swahilya said...

Hi Vinesh: I just now watched Bruce Almighty and thought Jim Carey's expressions were so much like Rajnikanth's and here I see his pic on your blog. Good. Keep in touch.

Ramya said...

Thanks for dropping by! Do visit often...

Sneha Acharya said...

ROTFL --- "Army Father" HA HA

lakshmi said...

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

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