Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This morning:
Read this news headline: CPI has not forsworn DIC(K)
The ticker reads, "Veliyam says DIC(K) role in bypoll win must not be exaggerated".

Found out that DIC(K) stands for Democratic Indira Congress (Karunakaran)!!!

Last evening:
I understand wanting to name your shop after yourself or a family member.
But what were they thinking when they went ahead and named this roadside eatery Basanti's Breast Cutlets??!! (Reminded me of those Prime Roster promo ads)

God I wish I had a camera phone!!


Ram.C said...

Nowadays, each and every politician wants to make it big by starting his own party.. but, everyone doesn't survive... they unnecessarily spend all those earned during the previous regime and then join the parent party again...

I hope this will also be similar to that...

As far as naming convention is concerned, nowadays people are unique in naming.. and your second part is too hilarious in that sense

sathya said...

Do u think DIC(K) was used, to get the attraction of newspaper readers, by the Magazine editors or
by the politicians???
Me too have seen the BBC ad!

Vikram H said...

hahaha...whats mr.karunakaran trying to do? Grab attention towards his party or his "DIC(K)"??...A clever ploy, either way!

And i pity that u didnt have a camera, cos i would sure have liked to check out how Basanti's other assets were! ;-P

Our India said...

poltician's will do any thing to catch the government. in one party there are many groups, when all of them start a party, their will be a party for every street.

RP said...

ha ha... too much. Ppl hardly think before putting up such hilarious ones. But thanks to these ppl that we get so much fun and enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

hi vinesh,
first time here...
you have a very nice blog!

will be back

Jo said...

LOL! Karunakaran is a DICK! :-))

Anonymous said...

hope itz gonna b ppl frndly, to live upto to the say "A friend in need is a DICK indeed ..." :)))