Monday, November 21, 2005


Throw it out Vinesh

Nothing brings me down as much as people asking me why I am dull or upset, when I'm really NOT upset about anything. This morning that happened, and it drained a lot of the enthusiasm I came to office with.

A glass of tea at 25 degree celsius is boiling tea if the room temperature is below freezing point, and cold tea if the room temperature is 50 degrees.

Some people see me as how they want to see me, instead of how I really am. I don't realise at that moment that the problem is not mine, but theirs. I really should learn to take the tea bags out of the cup before I drink the tea.


priya said...

me first!!!!!! ur post n mine have sumthing in common.. dont u think.. i feel like bashing up ppl who ask me "wats wrong with u" for different reasons though ;)


Somu said...


It could also be because of how they see you most times... The mood to lots is reflected in ones demeanor... and so if they have been used to seeing an always smiling Vinesh, who, today, is in his usual self sans that sparkling smile, it cud trigger that question.

So, it's not just about how they want to see you, its also about how they have been seeing you :o)

It's a harmless question that needs to be brushed aside... Giving it too much importance can only drain the enthu ! :o)))

Srinivasan said...

:(( => :( => :)=> :D => :)))

This is how every week goes for me...And I do stage lotz of dramas in between :P

Whenever I feel bored, I simply become mood out...Not really, but appear to be so...Just to check how many ppl really care for me and ask "Why are u dull today?" :-D

Feel happy that there is atleast someone to care about keeping u in good mood :)

Vinesh said...

@Priya: Oh the one about the blues? Hehe, same pinch-a?

@Somu: You could be right, but sometimes it's just so hard to keep a smile going all year :-)

@Srinivasan: Yea, what could be worse is if I had no one to ask me how I am feeling...hmm..

Sneha Acharya said...

oops relax Vinesh .. ungala kettavanga paavam ungamela akkarayoda help panna thane kettaanga. Jus because they asked u don have lower down ur enthusiasm and cheerfulness u had on the day .... if u r fine jus pass the cheer to thm :-)

Anonymous said...

deivame! Though I do agree on what you are trying to convey, the tea-temperature analogy still has me confused.

- Random browser who happened to come across your blog accidentally.

RP said...

Deivama. Thala. Enna ma iddu. Andha 'Tea' analogy konjam too much, machchi. :-)

Nice point. And, yeah, while reading Priyazzzz I got a gulp in my throat and yours almost killed me..... bcoz this was the first question I asked my boss today. :-(

What if he happens to read yourz or priyaz blog and decides to take action against me... Oops.


Jeevan said...

i had also drinked the tea with the tea bage.

Vinesh said...

@Sneha: It's like this. You wear very nice clothes to office and someone says "Ennadhu pazhaya thuNiye pottuttu vandhirukke?" I get the same feeling.

@Anonymous: Analogy is nothing but this. If you are extremely happy today, everyone else will seem atleast one step less cheerful than you. If you are totally in the pits, everybody else will seem problem-less and happier atleast than you. Relative. That was the point.

@Rp: Which comment are you referring to, buddy Rp?

@Jeevan: With the bag? :-)

maha said...

i know how u must be feeling. i have gone thro a similar thing many times. though i try to brush such comments aside, i get really mad sometimes when people keep on and on insisting tat something is wrong with me which i am concealing, when actually i am perfectly alright..

pallavi said...

happens I guess.. It happens to me too when I am preoccupied.. or busy.. :)

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