Thursday, August 04, 2005



Oxford Dictionary: unrestricted; enormous
Merriam-Webster: lacking any controls; not bounded by exceptions
Roget's Thesaurus: having no restrictions; without exception; absolute
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary: not limited; infinite

Sify Broadband Dictionary: 150 MB upload/download limit per day, beyond which there will be a reduction in validity of one day for every 25 MB of extra usage in that calendar day.

I realised this bitter fact after downloading 275 MB today, and finding 6 days chopped off my account. And the bottom feeders don't even have a warning asterisk (conditions apply or the likes) on their tariff chart! (they do now on their website, but definitely did not when I bought the pack. Well, even if they do, it still shouldn't be called "unlimited"?) It just says "Unlimited Family Pack - 256 kbps". Connectivity is pathetic and speed is "shared".

Now lets go deeper into how Sify defines a few more terms:

SHARED: You will never ever get the maximum speed of 256 kbps. If you get 128, thank your stars!
ALWAYS ON: You will be disconnected atleast 10 times in 10 minutes.

I have some really nice words to say about these daylight robbers. In fact, a list of words. READ ENTIRE LIST


krishna said...


did u say it is broadband??..:)

Vinesh said...

@Krishna: TRAI defines broadband as a minimum speed of 256 kbps. Sify has made it maximum speed of 256 :-(

Manoj said...

:-) Haddock's curses!

I love tin-tin...anyways coming to internet connectivity, 256 kbps being called a broadband is pathetic.


vasanthi said...

Tamizhle thitti irukallam illai

Somu said...
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G3 said...

hah! another marketing gimmick gets spotlight.

and that curses list ... enna pa logarithms, vegetarian ellam curses ah?

Ms. V said...

How can anyone take offense to fuzzy-wuzzy???

Your Friendly Astrologer said...

Hey Vinesh,
In fact your case is better. I had bought this unlimited sify gold which has only 6 hours browsing per day. But then have you read their Terms & Conditions the one which you check 'I AGREE'...they clearly mention that as the LAST clause.

Your Friendly Astrologer said...

Hi Vinesh,
I forgot few other important points -

1) On dial up & at browsing centres, Sify's browsing time gets cut in 15 minutes slot. For instance if you browse for 1 minute and log out...they will charge for 15 minutes, and if you browse for 16 mns and log out you will be charged for 30 mns.
RELIANCE WEBWORLD doesn't do that.

2) If you buy a pack for Rs 50 at Sify, you can browse for Rs 40.

3) You will never see your account balance when you are browsing. You can check it only after you login the next time.

4) There are 2 different speeds at sify iways itself. If you choose 100 MBPS speed you will be charge Rs 25 per hour, and if you choose BROADBAND it is Rs 3 more than the usual speed.

5) When you buy a Rs 550 broadband connection, you can browse only for Rs 450!


An Ex-Sifyite!

Vani Viswanathan said...

yaen kashtapattu english vaarthaiyellam vechu thitta nenakara? decent-aa namma tamizh-la thittu....appo thaan manasukku oru nimmadhi kidaikum! :)

Orange Fronkey said...

jeez...!!! why the heck they have broadband if they gonna be so stingy with the service

Vinesh said...

@Vasanthi & Vani: Hehe, you won't believe it, but even today, listening to people abuse in Thamizh makes me squirm. I am very uncomfortable with Thamizh bad words..:-)

@Gayathri: Haha, Captain Haddock is an ex-sailor who loves drinking. Forget "vegetarian", even water-drinker would be an insult to him :-)

Vinesh said...

@Ms V.: Depends on what we call fuzzy wuzzy :-)

@Your friendly astrologer: UNLIMITED SIFY GOLD. Nalla vaai-le nozhayara maadhri paer vekka sonna, vaazhappazham-nnu vecha maadhri irukku!! :-D

Vinesh said...

@Your friendly astrologer: I think what happens in Sify I-Way should be called I-way robbery and these guys are i-way robbers ..LOL

@Merino: It's just not fair. These guys are surviving because competition is still less..

ioiio said...

Hail Columbia.. I blog from a Gigabit Ethernet network evryday..

But It comes with a price.. and its quite a lot too.. 17lacs :))

Cant imagine browsing at 5-6kbps connection speeds when I come bac..

Vinesh said...

@Ioiio: Ayyo ayyayyo, 17 lakhs-a? Enna solre?????

Jeevan said...

i have hathway broad band, it is 24 hours, it has never cut for is 256kbps speed. i pay Rs.551 for a month. it have 1GB.

monu said...

i blog from office..during after office hours...heheh

Fathima said...

LOL cing the list of curse words............

Vinesh said...

@Jeevan: That's almost the same as BSNL...hmm...

@Monu: Is that why your posts are short (and sweet?) :-)

@Fathima: Like any? :-)

Pallavi said...

Sify is sick... get BSNL it rocks

Jeevan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Vinesh

Vinesh said...

@Pallavi: BSNL has this stupid 1 GB download limit :-( But service was anyday better than Sify..

@Jeevan: Ur welcome buddy :-)

ioiio said...

Adhu naaan one yearku katra fees.. Engappaney orey varushathula mottai pottaaachu

ioiio said...

Monu.. It shud have read..

"I blog at office.. During AND after Office hours"


Vinesh said...

Around $3300 per month is what it comes to, for your internet connection??? Tension-aayitten

But now I get mean for your education there :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

The more I read about Broadband the more I get confused. Let's not compare the speeds. The speed I get..checked now.2.15 MBPS.!
I pay around 35 dollars a month.
All unlimited.

But then...what is this about:
150 MB upload/download limit per day

Can you please explain this? The reason I ask, I am planning to request my parents to get broadband at home.!

Vinesh said...

@Narayanan Sir,

By speed I was referring to the download/upload speed (I don't care much about the general browsing speed).

ISPs in Chennai have packages classified either by speed, data limit, or no. of hours.

For normal browsing, checking e-mail (without attachments), data consumed per hour will probably be 5-10 MB.

These Sify guys have a limit of 150 MB per day (including browsing, chatting, downloading songs, stuff, etc..) So if I exceed 150 MB, my otherwise 30 days valid pack will become 29 days valid (I pay monthly), and for every 25 MB usage after that on the same day, one day validity keeps getting chopped off.

For your parents, in case all they're gonna do is browse generally without too much downloading, or large attachments in email, I would recomment BSNL DataOne. They charge Rs 500-odd per month and they have a 1GB/month limit.

The reason I gave it up was because my downloads are a lot, and I finish 1 GB in 5 days, or max 4 a week.

Do let me know what their usage pattern is, and I could help you choose one..

padma said...

The list was sooperb!
I have tata indicom.. which never gets connected unless i call the customer care center.. and he brings up the link.. nowadays i give the person a missed call and the link comes up!

Vinesh said...

@Padma: <<i give the person a missed call and the link comes up!

Somu said...

I conciously deleted my earlier comment... Guess that's coz I can understand :o)

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