Saturday, July 02, 2005


An unusual sight greeted me (startled me is more like it) this morning when I was going through The Hindu. I usually flip through all the pages once (like a promo or a trailer before I actually see the movie) and this picture of a lady with some words sketched on her forehead caught my eye. She resembled some crazy football fan who had painted the name of her favourite team on her face.

The real shock was to read that she had auctioned off the "advertising space" on her forehead on eBay, and the words GOLDENPALACE.COM had been tattooed permanently on her forehead for $10,000 dollars!!! The story went on to say that she did it to pay for her son's school fees!

On reading that has a history of such bizarre advertising stunts, my curiosity was tickled and I did a little Google search. Here is the result of that search, and you get to read of mothers-to-be tattooing the website name on their pregnant tummies (ewww), streakers brandishing the website name on their "- - - -" and people changing their name (!!!) to All for money ranging from $1,000 to $30,000. Can you imagine that?? Absolutely shocking! Maybe it won't be such a bad idea to name my kids Yahoo and Google after all!

On a serious note, this incident has disturbed me a lot. I keep getting this woman's image in front of my eyes all the time.. Read her whole story here. I truly don't know what to say, or feel.


Harry said...

Good start, that's the easy part.

The difficulty is finding things to comment on regularly.

Good luck.

maha said...

this news really shocked and kind of upset me. i feel tat such websites owners shud be sued. moreover, $10000 is too less an amount.for wat the woman was doing, she shud have been paid much much higher.

Anonymous said...

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Deepali said...

I guess the lady must think it is worth it.

It doesn't make me sick mainly because the way I view my forehead might not be the same view people have of their own forehead.

As a buyer of media though, I have a hundred questions going through my head though.