Sunday, July 03, 2005


Driving is a skunk's butt!! There are very few things I hate more than I hate driving. Okay, maybe just one other thing - PARKING! I truly believe that a guy who fits his bike into a perfect little nook must have an IQ of 180.

Today, I had to take my mother shopping (in my modest TVS Scooty) and this was the first time I was driving through the lets-clash-your-handlebar-with-my-handlebar roads of T.Nagar. Under normal circumstances, I might've opted for an auto (to avoid the traffic, smoke, bump-a-second roads) but unable to bear my girlfriend's incessant ragging (she loves driving, and thinks driving is a guy thing), I decided to wear the helmet. And I'm glad I did. Driving certainly saves a lot of time and money, and luckily, the traffic wasn't too thick today! (hehe)

Once we reached Panagal Park, I braced myself to face the ultimate challenge - finding a parking spot! With the help of my ultra-sensitive inbuilt space sensors, razor-sharp presence of mind and mom's pointing finger (hehe), I was quickly able to slide my scooter between two NO PARKING boards, the space between which was conveniently cramming 25 other bikes!

Wish there was some kind of diviner that would locate parking spots for us. How wonderful would THAT be!!!


Anonymous said...

Good one there!

maha said...

even after u park the vehicle succesfully, when u come back, u find two more vehicles clustered with urs. i shud say parking is easy. but taking ur vehicle from the parking lot is one hell of a job.

zant said...

there are some garages in the lanes parallel to ranganathan street where you can park your vehicle at a modest fee.
saves time and protects you from tension.
give a try next time

Vinesh said...

@Zant: Oh cool..will do buddy..thanx :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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