Monday, July 11, 2005


I was standing at the Mount Road TVS bus stop this morning, waiting for my 18-series bus to arrive.

This guy with a yellow coloured cloth bag (do these still things still exist?!) in his hand, comes to me, and asks, "Iruvathi moonu poyiducha?" ("Has bus no. 23 left?") I nod my head in the affirmative.

"Evvlo naerathukku munnaala?" ("How long ago?") I tell him it must have been atleast 10 minutes.

"Irukkaadhe, daily indha time-kku dhaane varum!" ("Can't be! It always arrives only at THIS time!") I tell him, in that case, I must be wrong, so please bug someone ELSE!

"Saar kovichikkaadheenga" ("Sir, Don't get angry!") "41D poyiducha?" (!!!!!)

Sometimes I think I'm too soft on people. These kind of people should be treated in Koundamani style. The conversation should've ideally gone like this:

"Saar, 23 poyidcha?"
"Evvlo neramaachu?"
"Aenda naaye! Adhe therinjikkittu nee enna naatta KAAPPAATHA poriya? Vandhaalum varaattiyum naai maadhiri naakke thongavittu nikka pore. Moodittu nilluda!"
"Saar kovichikkaadheenga. 41D poyidcha?"
"Manja pai vechirukkravanuku adhellaam solradhille."
"Saar sollunga saar!!!!"
"Adinggggg!!! Avanavan naattule oNNukku pogaliye-nnu kavalapadraan. 23 poyidcha, 41 poyidchaa-nnu! Odi poyidu! ODI POYIDU!"

Why does he ask for these details? He HAS to wait for the next bus anyway!
(Sorry to those who don't understand Tamil. Some things are better left untranslated!)


Inside the bus, I found the gents row half occupied by ladies! Noticing that many seats in the ladies row itself were free, I requested one lady to sit where she was SUPPOSED to. The reply I got from the guy sitting next to her was, "Naanga family-a vandhirukkom" ("We have come as a family", meaning as a couple). Again, Koundamani crept in. "DAI, unakku inniki oru naalaikku family ILLE-nnu nenachukko da!!!!"

I don't get it! Ladies can sit in the gents' seats, but not vice-versa?? Every lady is not pregnant, surely! After all, we're supposed to give up our seats only for THEM!

This injustice continues...


I look forward to travelling by bus everyday! Reasons? Well, what better way to start a morning than with the realisation that the guy standing in front of you (into whose armpit your nose is coerced into in a jampacked bus) has never heard of the word "deodorant"?


Question: How do we abuse morons who enter a crowded city bus wearing spike shoes?


ioiio said...

naanga college pogum bodhu A18 last seat fullaa pasanga dhaan.. naanga panra koothu paarthuttu endha ponnum seat kaettu vara maattaaa :)

Those are good old days

Grey Vampire said...

The later part is the issue i have been stressing for years......And the bus issue....U want anniyan for these issues...*WInks*...Give complain in my website

Adaengappa !! said...

Hmm..A daily happening !!

Inge buses la anyone can sit anywhere..if you would know your limits ,then why Magalir mattum ??

Again i had seen this...Oonamuttror/Mudiyor ..Does this mean that the handicapped people are elders ??

And its painful to see posters pasted over "Tirukural" !!


vasanthi said...

Ladies story I agree with you not fair

Pallavi said...

hahahah :) interesting !!

Kaps said...

good one......Body Odour is still a big problem.

maha said...

know wat, i went in a share auto the other day AND I WAS DOWN WITH BACK PAIN FOR 2 DAYS... actually speaking, buses are lot better and safer

Anonymous said...

Hi macho geeks
Ippom seatukku sandai poduveenga appuram varatachanai peram pesuveenga. why dont u educated guys set an example and be more decent, respectable...not a chauvinist
Will u ask ur mom or sister to get up if she is sitting in a gents seat.
Don't let down Tamilnadu's/Indias traditional values

Vinesh said...

@Tamilan: Why don't you lead the way being a cultured Tamilan and erase the writing "MEN" that is written over one half of the MTC bus seats.

I won't ask my mom or sister to get up from the gents seat becos I don't want that seat. But if some other guy is standing, I will surely ask my womenfolk to stand up. Rules are rules.

Comparing dowry and fair share of bus seats? So asking for Kaveri water is like asking permission to rule Karnataka?


Saravana Kumar said...

Mame koundamani is hilarious

Tamilan said...

Cool down my friend
The guy standing might be a gentleman and wouldn't prefer women standing while he is sitting.We can't really judge others.
Male chivalry a lost tradition; keep kindness alive. No offense meant and no hard feelings
Well women have their own rules for men. Check it out

Vinesh said...

@Tamilan: Chivalry died the day women began demanding equal rights.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

andha koundamani.. nachu timing sense ba...


யாத்திரீகன் said...

hey.. andha "Manja pai vachirukavanuku ellam badhil solradhu illa"..

:-))))))) pesama.. u can have a sep blog for your daily happenings and your koundamani manasatchi replying silently...

give a try, that'l workout fine..

Anonymous said...

I am from bangalore (now resididng in Germany) i have got a question really r there any seats reserved for men, i think and still do feel that all the seats in a bus are just general seats only few are reserved for people of differnt categories like handicapped/ old/ women etc..
just coz there are few reserved seats doesnt mean the rest of the seats are for men.

This reservation for ladies was done by the govt long back, i think its high time to remove those reservations as its being only misunderstood and there is no need for it coz we tell equality and giving a spl reservation is going against equality.

Anonymous said...

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My Musings said...

that was very funny! ROTFL! buddy! you imagined how the conversation would be when Goundamani comes in!! great buddy!

and of course, it seems he has been an inspiration for you!!!!