Saturday, October 16, 2010

La la la

Bro: La la la
Sis: What are you humming, bro?
Bro: The song of life
Sis: La la la?
Bro: Yes, la la la. That's the lyric.
Sis: There must be more...
Bro: No, that's it. La la la.
Sis: What does that mean?
Bro: What do you think that means? Try and guess...
Sis: Mm... You're trying to call me by name, but you're stammering out of grief?
Bro: It's the song of life, sis! Think again. Think profound.
Sis: Mm... la la is lullaby. Lullabies are for babies. Babies mean the beginning. It's about birth?
Bro: Good try. What else?
Sis: La La La. At continuous intervals. Life is a periodic cycle?
Bro: Not bad. Ok. Now what do you think the tune of the song is?
Sis: Sa Ni Pa.... Ma Ga Ri.... Come on, how can i guess that? :-) Enough guessing. You tell me what it means.
Bro: Listen carefully...there is no meaning to the lyrics, just as there is none to life.
Sis: !!!
Bro: You can only try and make sense of it to the best of your knowledge. Each one's interpretation to his/her own.
Sis: I'm speechless!
Bro: Now the tune. There is no fixed tune to la la la. Anyone can sing it in any way. No one can correct you and say 'hey, that tune is wrong' because no one knows the tune themselves. It is just that some people's tunes sound better so more people follow that tune, but really - there's no one correct tune.
Sis: I'm not sure if i've wasted my time here, or if i've learned anything of value.
Bro: That must be exactly what people think... on their death beds...


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Ravi said...

Hi Vinesh, how are you? Been a long time isn't it? Please post more often - been missing your posts for a long long time :)

Mouli said...

enna oru sindhanai!

Destination Infinity said...

Yeah, we are also speechless :P

Destination Infinity

Kavin said...

awesome post :) just would like to know whether it is ur imagination or it really happened?

btw, you dunno me, I read your blog sometimes... found it in the ID Card song... ya, that was loooong back....