Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Crazy inflation in ZimbabweImagine what it would be like if:

- You went to a store to buy something and found that the price had more than doubled in a single day. And in the next few hours you spend at the bank to withdraw more money, the price continued to double or even triple! [click link to read story]

- Banks limited daily cash withdrawals to an amount which is less than the cost of a loaf of bread!

- Something that costs Rs. 100 today cost over Rs. 6,00,000 tomorrow! Because the inflation rate is 231 million percent!!!

We talk about one rupee coins, ten rupee notes, even hundred rupee notes losing value as years go by. In Zimbabwe, million dollar rupee notes lose value as days go by! Suddenly, I'm happy being in a 12% inflation country!


G U R U said...

So, even a beggar in Zimbabwe is a millionaire, huh :) ?

Alas! Looks like inflation is the only bright thing in the dark continent. Look at the irony -- in spite of being the world's richest in diamond reserves, Africa is the world's poorest when it comes to economic standards!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Lets hope that doesn't ever happen in India...... with a double digit holding on currently, things are messy! Imagining a tripler is good as being killed!



Jeevan said...

Huh!! I agree buddy, that we are glad to be less inflated.

V. Archana said...

hey...thats funny!! :)
thanks for visiting my pour in again.


Anonymous said...

i saw this in a forwarded mail, and i thought it was bluff...

Nidhi said...

I really wish this doesnt happen in INDIA !!

Vinesh said...

@guru: (even a beggar is a millionaire) ayyo, can't beat your way of looking at things, guru. hope you never become Finance Minister of Zimbabwe.. haha

thanks for dropping by, buddy :-)

@rakesh vanamali: i hope so too, but then there were people who never dreamt of double figures either!

Vinesh said...

@jeevan: yes, buddy!

@v. archana: you're welcome, archana. hope to see you around here soon too :-)

Vinesh said...

@veens: one of those unbelievable but true types! :-(

@nidhi: we can only pray!

Anonymous said...

this is really unbelievable..
231 million percent ..
thats freaking crazy

Anonymous said...

I am forced to change the phrase - The grass is always greener on the other side. :)

Vinesh said...

@arvind1187: totally, isn't it!!?

@mashedmusings: hahaha!

The Seeker said...

!!! When life mocks! it mocks at us this way, irony...\

Prince to paupers n vice-versa\

Vinesh said...

@the seeker: beggars carrying million rupee notes! ha!

Anonymous said...

did you notice the money holds value for just 7 months. gotta be careful with forex I guess.


Vinesh said...

@hurry: yes da..

Anonymous said...

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