Sunday, November 25, 2007


Being in tune with the lazy Saturday evening in my hotel room, I flipped over the frozen pizza box for microwave instructions. To realise that it was to be baked in a conventional oven and microwave cooking was "not recommended"! Well, there's a way to microwave EVERYTHING - I thought, and set the pizza to 15 minutes on high power. Just to find out if there were additional tips to microwave non-microwaveable food, I did a search on Google.

My internal organs microwaved when I watched the video clip in this link: The Great Frozen Pizza Recall of 2007.

Here I was, holding the box of the SAME brand and flavour as the product recalled from stores because it was alleged to have contained "a deadly strain of e.coli"! And in those specific cases, it is suspected that bacteria (which cannot survive high temperature) did not die because the said people microwaved the pizza against the instructions! Further more scarily, the freezer in the video clip (at 1:04) looked JUST like mine - stacked with pizza boxes!

And just as the 15 minutes on my microwave were up and the three beeps went off, the last few seconds in the video clip (playing on my laptop) blared: "Anything that you see recalled - throw it away! DON'T EAT RECALLED PRODUCTS!"

Back to beef noodles. Frozen pizzas suck. What idiot would buy them anyway?


Ps said...

Those 15 minutes and googling saved you from a potential disaster..Googlaya namaha!!
Thanks for stopping by.And I cannot resist saying --behing every 'just kidding' there is always a layer of truth.--Are you a closet wife kicker by any chance?Just kidding! ;-) LOL.

Prats said... wonder our elders swore by homecooked fresh food...they did not trust the wigglies and slimies....

Boy are we glad that you read instructions....sometimes in sheer hunger, one can overlook such facts ..

Vinesh said...

@ps: lol - in my case, i say that by default after some experiences where ridiculous statements made in humour have been taken seriously.. moreover my wife kicks back - so there :-)

@prats: wigglies and slimies...ew.. heyy.. i have to still survive on microwave food for a while :-O

Thinking aloud said...

so google came to the rescue as usual!!!

nice to see the juice boy back :)

Curious said...

I am imagining your reaction if you'ed have googled it after u hogged the pizza down! :)) :))

Google saves the day again... Amen

Adorable Pancreas said...

Deadly E. coli in strings? Either I've forgotten Microbiology, or E. coli mutated while I wasn't looking. :P

Vinesh said...

@thinking aloud: im the pizza guy now..:-P

@curious: it would've been - vaandhi mazhai
ovvoru thuLiyilum ecoli therigiradhu..

@adorable pancreas: i erred.. it should read "strain of e.coli", not "string". thanks for catching that :-)

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


So freaky man! :D
This is why I say there's NOTHING like freshly cooked mom's food!!

*rushes to the kitchen to find something! :P

Keshi said...

WOW Im glad ur alive. LOL!

Dun eat crap like that. Cook ur own food at home.

Take care!

Sweetstickychewy said...

O my! Thank Goodness u decided to google. :O phew! saved ya day!:D


Serendipity said...

Wondering whether we as Indians have a natural immunity to e.coli...after all, you were at one time a loyal patron of LKC!!

PreethZzZ said... pizza is one with a base and chunky chopped veggies grilled to perfection at home... frozen pizzas are the devil!

Jo said...

I thought selling the recalled/outdated products happen only in India. :-)

Vinesh said...

@sandhya ramachandran: freaky indeed. i would have had mom's food too, if my mom were here :-)

@keshi: sometimes you think it makes your life easier *sheepish grin*

@sweetstickychewy: :-)

Vinesh said...

@serendipity: know what, you're right! can't believe that at one time, i fearlessly ate at LKC! and now, what has become of me :-(

@preethzzz: i miss my wife.. sniff :'-( she made great pizzas at home

@jo: evidently not, jo :-D

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

ur post on Nov 16 is interesting..Will drop in more abt it later!

Pizza :D I dont like! :P But nice write up...

Jeevan said...

I don't like eating pizza. See how google help you their to cook pizza, dont more take risk.

J said...

Close call. I hated those frozen pizzas anyways.. The micro managed to melt the plate instead of the pizza.

Joy said...

A click in google just in time.

Vinesh said...

@ponnarasi kothandaraman: thanks for dropping by :-)

@jeevan: you should try the good ones buddy - it's a matter of time before you get addicted :-)

Vinesh said...

@j: plate melting happened to me once too. but again, it was me not following instructions :-S

@joy: a stitch in time saves nine; a click in time saved mine :-)

Aarthi said...

He He....You is the answer for your ques...:)

Anonymous said...

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Nikki said...

Hi there..
I am not a gr8 fan of pizza, and this is the only brand of Pizza I like. Bcoz it is not too cheesy. I had it yesterday too :((. And u can imagine my shock when I saw this in your blog. I do bake in conventional oven and follow the directions, still it is so scary. And moreover I have recommended this most of my friends.
A big thnx for posting this.
But I dont understand how these recalled products are sold in major stores...
- Nikki

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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