Saturday, December 30, 2006


One of my favourite things to do is to irritate my loved ones (especially my sisters) with my pseudo-xenophilia. And wonder at the amazing accuracy with which it strikes their raw nerve every time! :-) When I moved from Chennai to Bangalore, it was always about "city of no sweat", "a place where people have lives", "city of gorgeous girls", "city of dreams" etc. With time, I just got so used to enjoying their reaction to my fake superiority that it became a regular activity of pleasure.

And now that I am in Detroit for a while, it is "US is country; India is village" and prefixing "blady Indian" ("blady" = thamizh variant of "bloody") before each thing that is Indian (example: blady Indian weather, blady Indian roads, etc).

Having said all that, all cities mean the same to me. No special affection for Chennai because I grew up there or Bangalore because it gave me a decent job or Detroit because it showed me high standard of living.

To me, having people I love in a city makes the city beautiful.


Ravi said...

Vinesh, thats strange. Though people do constitute a very important factor, I also have attachments to cities because of its culture, places, vibe, what not...

Jo said...

Well said pal. And that's why I love Thrissur, my hometown. :-)

Rathi said...

Vine i guess ur sisters will get to know ur drama...jus kiddin..well said - "To me, having people I love in a city makes the city beautiful". Its the same for me as well:-)

Fathima said...

My association with cities was in this order:
Ooty(3 yrs)->Mettupalayam/Karamadai(13 yrs)->Coimbatore(4 yrs)->Chennai(2 yrs)->Bangalore(2 months and still going..).
Of all cities,I hate Bangalore the most.