Saturday, December 30, 2006


Sometimes I think I made the right decision to stop pursuing a career in thamizh music.

Earlier, we had singers with bad diction, now we have singers who are tone deaf! I am now in serious doubt if the musicians are tone deaf and diction ignorant or if the audience is! I can't tolerate the fact that Yuvan Shankar and Simbhu boast of more hit songs this year than SP Balasubramaniam and Hariharan! Damn it - T.Rajender had a hit song! Even the promising Karthik had a mild 2006 and I'm scared that Naresh Iyer too will be replaced by someone who sings better "tameel".

The condition of female singers is no different - they said Asha's diction was better than Lata's, Sadhna's is better than Asha's, Shreya Ghoshal's is better than Sadhna's. It is heartwrenchingly pathetic to see thamizh audiences grow to accept mediocrity because it is better than horrible. Chitra - where are you - I want to marry you!

Loosu PayyanI know I shouldn't be measuring standards by Simbhu or Yuvan, but I feel a deep sense of angst when I hear people talk about Loosu Penne being the Best Song of 2006 (this song has spawned more than 20 fan club communities on Orkut with thousands of members). To me, Loosu Penne (the way Simbhu pronounces it) sounds like a pen for which the cap won't fit because it is broken.

And the extreme disservice Yuvan is rendering to music by singing, is unfathomable. I mean, how can a guy who promotes off-key singing even be a music director? But his music sells.

AR Rahman's voice grows on you, just like Ilayaraja's did, but I wish Rahman sang fewer songs. Especially, the Tere Bina number in Guru would have been so much better had Mani Ratnam stuck to Qadir Khan's version [reference link]. Directors and producers play an important role in determining who records the song in the film.

Trisha and Jayam Ravi in Unakkum EnakkumThe four thamizh albums that left some impression in my mind from 2006 were: Vettayaadu ViLayaadu, Sillunnu Oru Kaadhal, Unakkum Enakkum, Parijatham.

Unakkum Enakkum, by far, was my favourite album of 2006. Probably the fact that I hadn't listened to the Telugu original helped. I liked every single song in the album. And 95% of it sounded like thamizh!!

Okay, I'm off now to work on my new song,
"Schizophrenic Pennae
Pizza Topping Kannae"


Ravi said...

Vinesh, I can't agree more. You have reflected all my thoughts. I too cannot seem to accept the "is better than..., has improved lot better..." comments when it comes to bad diction. And I have send this in a number of forums too but looks like people like me were on the minimum. If loosu penne is topping the charts, God Bless us!!

narayanan said...

I stopped listening to newer tamizh songs except for a few friends recommend me. Recently Atrai ThingaL and Chithirayil (Sivapathigaram) and Kadhal Neruppin Nadanam (Veyyil) are good. I dint quite like VV due to an overdose of beats, Uyirile was my only pick from the album.

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

Schizophrenic Pennae
Pizza Topping Kannae"

ROTFL.. too good.
Not only was loosu penne pointless, but people seemed to think that.. well.. you dont need to have a point really, to write songs. very very tragic.
comparing to to masterpieces like "kannukku mai azhagu", i only wonder at the state of tamizh music these days.
and ditto what narayanan has said above.. those songs have been my favorite this year too :)

Rathi said...

Ur very correct vine. Its all bcoz of the younger generation who only concentrate on beats n style rather than diction or rhythm. God knows how the coming generations wud be...

Rathin said...

Absolutely, I agree with your view... Couldnt imagine how "lUsu peNNE..." made its way to the top!

Something Something Unakkum Enakkum - songs are good, I like them too (except kozhi veda kozhi...)

Albums like veyil, sivappathigAram, iruvar mattum (By2) also were good... I liked them...

I felt Vijay Antony (sukran, dishyum) and GV Prakash (Has ARR touch though) does good, compared to Yuvan or music directors of this generation...

I prepared a set of audio CDs with 2006 tamil movie's song.. I couldnt come up with more than 4 CDs, which I found as best songs of this year...

Anonymous said...

Haha... everyone's gone nuts with loosu penne. It reminds me of when everyone kept singing "appadi podu podu" - ghilli everytime city babu asked someone to sing on comedy time. UGH. appo ennakku vidhyasagar veruppanathu innum pidikalai.

I liked one or 2 songs from the albums u listed. The only album that captured me was "Nenjil". I love all the songs, but too bad the picturizations of the songs are craptacular.

Speaking of bad singing though.. the sad song in varalaru when the psycho ajithu sings it... the music was going somewhere and arr's voice was going somewhere. He was hurting big time.

So anyways this is just my thought... Until we had ARR, we were listening to "tamil" music, for the most part, and then ARR comes and infuses western beats into the tamil music.. that's not truely us though is it? Everyone's like hullabaloo over his music and calling others backward and all the sudden ARR is the standard, but dude, that aint traditional "tamil cinema" music is it? I know you are an ARR fan and all but still.. Tamil cinema is part of our culture, and tamil songs in the movie is a big part of it.. and then there ar eppl who are like blah blah shit shit, tamil movie ppl are so flipping backwards, it annoys me.

And with that, I have no idea where this rant is going so I'm just gonna go shut up and give attention to my cat that's meowing like crazy.

:) YOu have a great new year!!!


Sandhya Ramachandran said...

He he! Loosu Penne doesn't have itin it to be the 'Song of the year'. It's passable...danceable! But THERE it stops!

I agree with the pick of Tamizh albums of the year barring 'Unakkum Enakkum'! Somehow the album didn't make an impact!

Munbe Vaa, New York Nagaram,Unnai kandene Mudhal Murai, Uyirile and Paartha Mudhal naalai ARE BRILLIANT SOUL-STIRRING creations of 2006!

Godfather too was a very good album with excellent music! 'Innisai' happened to be a very lovely song! Have you heard it?

And just wondering... do you like the song 'Adi Thozhi' from 'Thendral'? :)

Happy New year! Indha varshamavathu let there e more songs of Karthik released! :D

kausikram krishnasayee said...

waiting for ytour new song ;)

narayanan said...

'Appadi Podu'ke ippadi kadi aana eppadi. that time Manmadha Rasa was the anthem. I could'nt listen to it more than 3 times.

Anyways, Vidyasagar is bad with kuthu, his melodies are good.

Anonymous said...

Narayanan; how can i forget manmadha raasa...? that song irks me!


Vinesh said...

@ravi: glad u agree, buddy!

@narayanan: i am yet to give those songs u mentioned a fair trial

@s_h_r_u_t__i: hmm.. apparently, we aren't the target audience for these songs.

Vinesh said...

@rathi: enna nee 80 yrs kezhavi maadhri pesre :-)

@rathin: u came up with FOUR CDs?? wow!

@merino: haven't listened to Nenjil. and hey, what gave you the impression i'm a rahman fan? i'm not.

Vinesh said...

@sandhya: i listened to godfather a few times, didn't like it that much. maybe i didn't listen to it manymanymany times that rahman songs are usually supposed to be listened to.

adi thozhi from thendral. why suddenly this question? i think it is a very mediocre song. my sister is crazy about that song. why do u ask again?

@kausikram: :-)

Archana said...

Oh goody! I thought I was the only onoe who thought the 'tere bina' song could have sounded much better in Guru! I loved ARR's voice in SoK but...

Yuvan should either go for singing classes or stop singing. I have not listened to most of the songs he has composed more than once because I he had to bray them too - sheesh!!

Where have all the tam singers with good pronounciation gone?

Jeevan said...
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Jeevan said...

Its very disappoint when i watched the top 10 songs of the year in SunTv. They have selected two songs form Vallavan as best songs of the year, what disappoint me is the albums VV and Sillunu Oru Kaadhal are in 8 & 6th place.

Looking forward to ur new song dear:)

Vinesh said...

@archana: me too happy to see my thoughts echoed :)

@jeevan: if one song was not enough, ippo 2 songs from vallavan-a? sutham!!

Anonymous said...

I ain't a fan of Simbhu or even Yuvan for that matter but loosu pennae succeeded. It succeeded cuz it got you talking. It got you blogging. It got yer foot tapping.... and you couldn't believe that a lyricless, pointless, accentless song like this could do this to you... your mind hates all its negatives... your heart likes the bgm, rhythm and feel of the whole song.

That was the whole point Simbhu wanted to make. Like Dan Brown, he got you thinking, got you listening to the song one more time and he's laughing his way to the bank. And us poor suckers discuss the song. So get over it all you " Zaheer Hussain, Hariharan Melody Crazy, Balasubramaniam Voice Crazy freaks" LOOSU PENNAE wasn't for you... This wuz the same way I felt when I started listening to Hip Hop Rap now its slowly grown on me.

Try listening to the new wave of Srilankan Music, you'll be surprised. Some of the BIG names are Iraj, Ranidu.

Ashok Govindaraju said...

Oh, BTW the previous one wuz me.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys good morning. i accept wat vine told. I am scared to listen simbhu songs. I feel "urugudhe" frm veyil is really good.

Migrating Thoughts - Ramblings of a Mind said...

I totally agree with u Vinesh! I cannot stand Yuvan, he only knows how to sing offkeys.

Another worse thing was my mom was watchin suntv and told me the #1 song was "vazha meenukum" seriously are we out of singers or good song? Am sure there are soo many good songs than THAT

Awatts said...

An interesting post on music..could not resist but comment!
Reminds me of days when my parents generation cribbed (could not blog those days so!) that " indha kalathula paata idhellam? oru artham kadayathu, verum tuneku thaan madhippu. andha kalathu paata ketta artham irukkum...manasula nikara madhiri paatu ellame"...

Its a trend that you have specified that may not be right from our view but its a change that is happening and listeners tastes are changing....