Saturday, November 11, 2006


Flush on the left side of WCAmerica has to do everything the exact opposite way the rest of the world does it. They drive and walk on the right side! I mean, I knew this driving bit before, but even the flush on the western commode is on the left side instead of right - man!!! Always catch myself keeping to the left, and realise it only when the person walking opposite me is about to walk into me.

Today, as usual, I was walking on the left, and suddenly became aware of it. To my surprise, a group of people on the other side were walking on the "incorrect side" too. One look at their faces - all Indians! Ha!

Every strange person in the apartment says one the following: Hi, How you doin, Hey whassup, Good morning (senior citizens), or just a bob of the head. Took me a while to get used to this. I mean, I don't know you! But I guess it's a nice concept to acknowledge another's presence in one's vicinity. And even if there is space for 2 baby elephants to walk alongside me, I still hear an "excuse me" when someone passes me by. Huh, who, what can I do for you??? But the person has already zoomed past you.


Rathi said...

u remeber the phrase"all indians r my brothers and sisters". So i guess all siblings follow the same thing whereever they LIVE! Americans are very courteous i have heard...but dont u think?? took much courtesy annoys us as well.

Anonymous said...

yes yes... you get acknowledged. They will wave as they drive by your house. They'll let you cut in front, they'll start small talk at sometimes if all are stuck at a long long line.

And there are "our" people who live here, wont even give a second glance.. And if they look at you, they look at you like you are their worst enemy.

I prefer a few "hi" compared to the menacing looks i get from our people.