Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Why is the government giving away Arjuna Awards to sportsmen instead of people like these (click here) who jump off terraces after watching the movie Krrish? Do these people have at least pimple-sized brains?

Watched a ludicrous news report about how this movie "is having a negative effect on youth, and carrying the wrong message across"! I wonder in which scene Hrithik requests people to fly out from their balconies. How long will people keep blaming movies for influencing them? (As long as movies exist, I guess)

If anyone says that children are "spoiled" by watching movies like Krrish, they should stop letting their children watch Tom & Jerry - where scenes of fighting/sabotage/scheming/exploding are common. Can one say that visuals such as this (click here) influence the child's mind to hurt humans and treat animals badly?


Reel Fanatic said...

Anyone who blames their children's bad behavior on movies is afraid to take responsibility for the fact that they are simply lousy parents .. nuff said

Einsteinophile said...

Oh seriously, there just need to be an end to blaming movies.
But yeah, as you say, as long as movies are been made, such criticisms (? , or wateve' it is called) will still linger.

Anonymous said...

jai Shaktimaan


யாத்திரீகன் said...

so shaktimaan is back with a bang haan ...

div said...

hi vinesh..
krrish ki jai...!!hehe
even my brother watched krrish more than 10 times..
even he is trying to do the same circus since then :p ..dont know what gonna happen:p

Karthik Srinivasan said...

hahahahaha... That too not even a small kid.. he is sum hotel employee as per that news report... guess he was mentally retarded.. Is there anyone to educate ppl that silver screen wonders are man-made special effects and not the artist's special skills?? :P

Jeevan said...

In the time when shaktiman was on TV, heared some news likt this that a boy was jumped for his balconey like shakthiman.

I agree now days cartoons too have violence. hope there will be no report, that after seeing the Supeman, a boy has jump form the plane to fly like superman and save the plane:)

Vinesh said...

@reel fanatic: i agree with you! what do you say about adults who say they have been influenced by movies? :-D

@einsteinophile: sensationalism is the keyword here, right?

@hurry: dai dai :-)

Vinesh said...

@யாத்திரீகன்: Do you think they'll make Shaktimaan into a movie? :-)

@div: are you an evil sister encouraging him or a good sister trying to advise him? :-P

Vinesh said...

@karthik srinivasan: 24-year old kid! do you think they expect scrollers reading "these stunts are dangerous - do not try them at home" to run in every frame of the movie? :-D

@jeevan: hahahaha! god save us if that happens!!

RandomThoughts said...

It's not fair blaming parents. We can tell them right from wrong but if the kid wants to find out for himself.... God help him!


indianangel said...

Well written Vinesh! The point is only weak people blame others for their failures and excuses - balmaing movies is nothing new it happens all the time!

Somu said...


There have been precedents to this. A Kid jumping off balcony after watching Shaktimaan, a woman committing suicide coz she cud not see the final episode of metti Oli.

TV and Movies definitely have an influence on people, leave alone kids... for some reason good things never seem to catch our eyes !!