Monday, July 24, 2006


Gaana Ulaganathan pays obeisance to Yours TrulyI wasn't too crazed by the Vaala Meen song from Chithiram Pesudhadi, until it became such a cult hit! It wasn't funny like most other gaana songs, but for people who know their aquatic sciences, it is a very clever song to be able to string the names of several sea world creatures to describe a marriage situation.

Narayanan Venkitu suggested that I make a song in the tune of Vaala Meen. I was able to string together a love situation using a range of shaving items :-) This song is dedicated to you, Narayanan Sir!

Thanks so much to my little sister for donating webspace to upload my song!

To listen to my song, right-click the link below and Save Target as...
>>Saving Blade-kkum Saving Cream-kkum Kalyaanam<<

TOPAZ TOPAZ topa TOPAZ TOPAZ topa to to to to

SAVING BLADE-kkum SAVING CREAM-kkum kalyaanam
Adhil SAVING BRUSS oodhudhayya naayanam
Indha mogathu mele nadakkudhayya thirumanam
Adhukkapprom poosum AFTERSAVE narumanam

Kalyanamaam kalyaanam enakkeppa nadakkum kalyaanam (2)

Charanam 1
Kaadhal oru GODREJ adhukku age illeengo
Andha LAZER paarva pattuchuna lesil thappa mudiyuma
Vazhakkama kaalayila pathu manikku muzhichavan
Ava mogatha paakka veliyil poga 7 O'CLOCK vizhikkiran
Vishayam therinja kudumbathukku WILKINSONS SWORD-ungo
Avangala porutha varaikkum kaadhal oru nonsense word-ungo
Ada kaadhal varum munne manasu sorasorappaa irundhuchu, vazhavazhappa maarichu!

Charanam 2
Kaadhali GILLETTE the best a man can get-tungo
Andha VECTOR PLUS ava kudukkra wet kiss dhaanungo
Appan oru OLD SPICE dhaanungo(2)
Avarukku soappu poda soappu poda PALMOLIVE dhaanungo
Engalukku long live sollungo!


Aravind said...

me first to comment!!!
ROTFL :)) Kalakkal song!!! :D

Aravind said...

BTW, Blogrolled you!

Anonymous said...

dude...that was awesome man...LMAO....


Vinesh said...

@Aravind: Hey, thanks man! :-)

@Kishore: Glad you liked it :-)

surgeon said... its too funny. i was grinning thru the whole thing..

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Amazing...wonderful...Laughed hard..!! Especially the end.!

When I heard this song the first time..I thought about you..! I was'll do a great job with your superb talents.

Like the theme ' Shaving items'. I was thinking about Marrying an Andhra Bus with a PTC bus..! But somehow couldn't complete it.!!

Great job again Vinesh. Loved it..Thank you

visithra said...

hehehe funny - i like this song coz of the cleverness in using the fish names n coz IT ISNT vulgar

Jeevan said...

Funny lyrics, but wonderful work dear. the last para was super, good thinking!

vasanthi said...

Kalakal as usual.seekirama periya aazhu aayiruveenga.

Bharathi said...

Hi vinesh...gud creativity.
that was really cool...r u owning a barbershop? lol!!!

Ramya said...

I don't like the original, this one's better ! :D
Neat work!

Vinesh said...

@Surgeon: Glad you liked it :-)

@Narayanan Venkitu: Would love to hear your Andhra bus song sometime :-)

Vinesh said...

@Visithra: I agree with you.. no double meaning..

@Jeevan: Thanks, buddy! :-)

Vinesh said...

@Vasanthi: Ellaam unga aasi :-) I wonder if your kids will sing this!

@Bharathi: hehe, eppdi kandupidicheenga :-)

@Ramya: Nanri nanri!

Alagar said...

vinesh! wonderful imagination
nice composition

Anonymous said...

nice 1


Vinesh said...

@alagar: thanks alagar!

@hurry: dei... sudden-na nee kanpur-le paNNa skit nyabagam vandhuchu.. edhukkunnu theriyile

Badri said...

Unga spritual guru slang la sollanum na
"enna pattu , enna musicku...!" keep it up!

kuttichuvaru said...

awesome man.... nalla imagination!! keep them coming!!

V N said...

a really nice one, vinesh!

Vinesh said...

@badri: start meesic :-)

@kuttichuvaru: sure will, keep stoppin by :-)

@velu: thanks, buddy velu!

Anand said...

True a nice ganaa. Nice work !!!

Vinesh said...

@anand: thanks, anand!


Hey Vinesh- Initially when I read wht u wrote I was really unsure if I would understand the song...I just went ahead and heard it!

You have a COLLECTORS ITEM here...Your voice is so professional too...The lyrics r just hillarious....How u manage to get them married and also show the Wilkinson Sword episode too.

"Romba nala-iruke"...

U really have tonnes of talent. U have studied carnatic music? N have u iserted your snap along with the picture of the others in this post??

Me blogrolling u!! :) :)

Vinesh said...

@scribblez to wakeup: happy to read that! wilkinson's sword was the toughest one to rhyme, hehe!

yup, that's an old pic of mine inserted in the picture in this post (the guy in yellow shirt is the original singer)

thanks for blogrolling me! :-)

maha said...

fantastic job, big brother..

kausikram krishnasayee said...

Long Live Ungo!!! semma paatu kalakungo!

please do a spoof of heavy metal.i am waiting for it.

Bharathi said...

Vera eppadi,ellam en moolaiyin mahimai...:)=

Vinesh said...

@maha: ur project space is finally being put to good use di :-)

@kausikram: thanks mark isuak :-) heavy metal? hmm.. sounds interesting :-)

@bharathi: bharathi tujhe salaam ! :-P

Prabu Karthik said...

Awesome man!!
ROTFL stuff:))
please keep them coming:)

Aravind Raghu said...

super song..hey tell me are u from velammal???

Ganesh said...


Semma rousepa ;)
very creative indeed.

Vinesh said...

@prabhu karthik: glad you liked it :-)

@aravind raghu: yes, i am. why do you ask?

@ganesh: thanks, buddy ganesh!

Kary said...

Hi Vinesh,

Thats fantastic man! nJoyed the song.

Prabhu said...

WOW...Good imagiantion ! Good creation !!

Welldone Vinesh ..More please !!

Adaeeeengappppa !!

prithz said...

Heyyyyyyy!!! That was soooooo damn funny!!! You couldnt have done it any better. Its so damn good. Neat lyrics and the best part is ur singing!!! Are u learning carnatic music by any chance??? U sang really really well man!!!

Way to go!!!!

monu said...

yet to listen to the song, but wonderful lyrics!!!

Vinesh said...

@kary: how you been doing kary... so long since you stopped by :-)

@prabhu: thanks buddy, will get more stuff soon.. keep coming by :-)

Vinesh said...

@prithz: happy to hear u loved the song... i couldn't get very far with my carnatic training.. no :-)

@monu: do listen to it, and let me know what you think :-)

Syam said...

kallakkal kanna kallakkal... :-)

Vinesh said...

@syam: nanri syam :-)

Rathi said...

Hey Vine...awesome man, its so good, the lyrics and ur amazing voice. Great Live ur creativity. i'm proud of u :-)

Vinesh said...

@rathi: :-)

Kiranz..!! said...

Ha..ha..vinesh..adipoli..:)) It was real fun listening your song..Gud work dude..!

Padma said...

Great work :)

Vinesh said...

@kiranz: thanks buddy!

@padma: :-)

Karthik Srinivasan said...

inniku thaan keten indha paata... sooperungo!!!! :-D

Vinesh said...

@karthik srinivasan: thanks-ngo :-)