Friday, April 07, 2006


My mother tongue is Sanskrit.
False. My mother's tongue is pink. Hehe, Telugu it is.
My first pets were morquito larvae.
True. I'd collect them from dirty water, put them in little glass bottles, and love to watch them wriggle around. Even more interesting to watch them metamorph into pupae and finally mosquitoes!
I once gave Rs. 500 to a beggar woman with a hungry child.
False. Can't stand beggars. Think they should be exterminated.
I was state #3 ranker in Std XII.
False. Was only topper in English.
I was offered a role opposite Simran in a thamizh film.
True. Movie: Kicha Vayasu Padhinaaru. Role eventually played by "Boys" Manikandan.
Frustrated with life, I drank one full bottle of cough syrup.
True. I'm amused that many readers found this statement hilariously ridiculous. Well, life's like that!
I wrote a full-length novel when i was 16.
True. Never looked for a publisher though, cos the novel was semi-autobiographical.
I have been engaged twice, both bonds broken within the first few months.
False. Bonds have been broken, but not engagement bonds.
The first time I rode a bicycle was in Std IX.
True. Was always scared of falling down and hurting myself. Over the years, this has transformed to hating traffic, pollution, and fear of parking.
My mom's first cousin: Aishwarya Rai's mom.
False. Aishwarya Rai is not my morapponnu, hehe!


Gold: Jo and Netcraze - 8/10
Bronze: Archana and Renuka - 7/10

I really enjoyed this. Thanks so much for the awesome response folks! :-)


kuttichuvaru said...

naan kooda Simran jodi-nnu nenachitten... he he... aana nalla velai u didnt act in tat movie!!

Badri said...

I'm the winner!!! that was a plain how do i collect my prize money ;)

madsies said...

Nice one you have here! This Fool Meals game was fun.Too bad that i did not blog hop here b4 the game ended! But it sure was fun to read this.How and How the hell did u manage the mosiquitoe pet scene?And I have to go with KC's comment of u not acting opp Simran for "that" movie :)

Jo said...

So where is my 1 crore??? Hmm??? :-)

Archana said...

Yeah, yeah, I took the silver on pure guess work :-D *pats self on back*!! What is the prize :-)?

Mosquito larvae as pets? Eeeew - gross!

Was there a movie like "Kicha Vayasu Padhinaaru"? Or am I missing sth here :-/?

Jeevan said...

Nice game, it beat Crorepathi and Thanga Vattai:)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

HI Vinesh,
Could you rate all of us.?? Let's see where I stand?

JO / Netcraze / Archana / Renuka - You are amazing..Psychic readers.

Hmm - You got a chance to act with Simran.!! If I got it...I'd have run back home.!! But then...looks...You look like a filmstar and look like a 16 year old.!!..and me..!! Like 50 year old dubakoor.!! :) LOL :)

Loved it man...good one and very wonder you wrote a novel at 16 !, Your Id-cod, Jolly-Rap, Sapthaswarangal etc..speaks volumes about you.!!

Way to go.!!

Karthik Srinivasan said...

I got it almost right..:-( Must have posted my answers but missed a chance :-((

Anyways, nice knowing abt u :-)

runa said...

what? no silver?

Prabhu said...

hmm, too bad - i stumbled onto your blog after the results have been posted.
You refused to act opp simran?
Thats surprising! Even if Simran has a 20 yr old daughter its too hard saying NO to acting opp simran.

Sid said...

since when did ur id cod song become the srm id cod song???????

shub said...

u sure had weird pets! :p

Diana said...

fun to read

anup.777 said...

hmmm .... I hadn't commented earlier ... but I got all the answers right ... so when do I collect da prize?? ... lolz :)

Ajay said...

nice game buddy

Ram.C said...

good that you didn't act in "Kicha Vayasu Padhinaaru"!!!

Ekta said...

so we have a potential actor on our hands!?

monu said...

so why exactly did u refuse and how did u make it?

would be real interesting to know!

Jagan said...

now how many ppl get a chance to be with simran and yet reject the offer ?

dei english is le topper ah da ni ? bloddy peter ..

Kishore said...


Belated B'day wishes Vinesh....


யாத்திரீகன் said...

jagan un 2nd comment-ai vali mozhikindraen ;-)

ashok said...

'kitcha vayasu pathinaaru'?
wats that movie about?
and more importantly - why is everybody happy that u didnt act in

kausikram krishnasayee said...

new guy knocking at your blog ....i am kausikram a.k.a mark isuak ...and i am from velammal...need i say more? ;)

Eclectic Blogger said...

pls to be enlightening us as to y u rejected the role opp sims!? and also how the cough syrup tasted when taken one bottle at a time!?


Wht did I just read.....Felt like reading the slam/autograph book and the silly answers many guys wrote there...U n simran..maybe!!! u n mosqitoes, more unbelievable.....Like the line where u say "aam aish morupannu"...Not exact words n spellings as didnt Ctrl C n Ctrl V!!! LOL

adarsh said...

semi-autobiographical????? now what does that mean?

Ganesh said...

LOL, seriyana Lollu party pola :)

Ravi said...

Vinesh, you left me out in the bronze list :-(

Marc said... gets busy eh?

telugumates said...


Marutham said...

:)) You sure got funny pet!! Enaku School Buk'la padikave VYAAAAVA irundhadhu....Periya aalu ponga!! Well, 12th la cycle.....Interesting!! And Jagan comment abt English . LOL!!
@Jagan,So you back Jagan!! When r u starting the post-business???