Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Watched all three parts of ILayaraaja's concert on JayaTV, and wept through many songs. Especially during Three-in-One when he sang it with lyric. The audience was truly blessed that day, and I missed being in that kind of environment.

As a school kid, I was a Rahman fan, and thought Ilayaraja was a dull composer of village songs. It was only during college that I started tasting Raaja's delicacies, and became permanently attached to them!

Grouse: I hate it when Raaja encourages off key singers like Yuvan Shankar and Bavadharini just because they are his offspring. Earlier it was just an occasional Asha Bhosle or Lata. But today, Sonu Nigam, Sadhana Sargam and Shreya Ghoshal sing most of Raaja's songs, needless to say, with horrible accent.

Instead of composing albums like Karagaattakkaari and spoiling his name, I wish Raaja would "re-record" all his classics with modern equipment. Imagine how "Andhi Mazhai Pozhigiradhu" and "ILaya Nilaa" would sound if recorded with today's advanced equipment!

I bought the Thiruvasagam CD long ago, but haven't listened to it till date because I am waiting to listen to it ONLY on a superior music system, nothing less. Hope that day will come soon!


Paavai said...

Annakili unna theduthe, Katril endhan geetham ... ahhh no one can create that magic

narayanan said...

I wish Raaja would "re-record" all his classics with modern equipment. Imagine how "Andhi Mazhai Pozhigiradhu" and "ILaya Nilaa" would sound if recorded with today's advanced equipment!

I don't quite like it, the song would lose that antiquity or preciousness attached to it. They rock as they are, even though I hear some speckled noise when that good old TDK D90 cassette runs :)

hi-five machi..i too don't like that romanised tamizh pronounciation :) adhellam enna style huh?

I'll pardon Bavadharani just for one song, listen to Katril Varum Geethame in Oru Naal Oru Kanavu, she sounds way better than how she sounded in Masthana Masthana.


Ravi said...

Vinesh, I comply with most of your views - esp encouraging those singers with a bad Tamizh accent. Can't accept it AT ALL though I do agree the singers are great. And its hard to accept it from IR who appreciates good Tamizh.

And again, on re-recording old songs, I second Narayanan, the old songs still hold the magic. Maybe you are referring to stereo effect and other formatting techniques, they are okay, but other than that I would love the songs the old way. To quote Narayanan again, when re-recorded, these songs would probably loose their "antiquity".

A good post again Vinesh! Thanks!

maha said...

even i hate this concept of making hindi singers sing tamil songs.. they kill the lyrics.moreover, i dont c y we need them, there are many many brilliant singers in tsamil nadu, who are not used.
i enjoyed ilayaraja's show, but i wanted to strangle shreya ghosal when she snag "kaatril endhan geeTham kaaNaadha unnai THODUDHEY".

Jagan said...

i cudnt watch the show machi ..

and am already humming ilaya nila :-)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

the concert was even better live, u missed something, it was truly awesome

Einsteinophile said...

Esp "Naan Thedum Sevvandhi..... imagining how it wud sound when it's re-composed!! :)

Vinesh said...

@Paavai: Definitely! :-) Masterpieces of the Master!

@Ranganathan St: Of course, even if you buy a Kinetic Honda today (you wont, just for example, hehe), you will feel that your 10-year old Kinetic Honda is precious to you. I totally agree with that. But during this concert, Raaja himself said, "Please listen to the orchestra carefully, you will be able to enjoy nuances that you could not make out properly in the cassettes also". My only wish is that this enjoyment should be recorded for posterity. Immortalized.

Somehow, Bavadhaarini has put me off forever :-( Thamizhachidhaane? Zha-na varale-nna kekkra namakku evvaLavu kashtamaa irukku? :-(

Vinesh said...

@Ravi: Buddy I am only referring to better recording techniques so we can hear each instrument in the orchestra crystal clearly.

It pains me when people like Srikkanth Deva uses left-right speaker effect for songs like "Miya Miya Miya" but to listen to the violins in the charanam of "Sangeedha Megam" we have to crane our ears :-(

@Maha: Many such horrors happened in the show di, especially Yuvan Shankar singing "Chinna KaNNan Azhaikkiraan" (I'm sure you enjoyed that! haha) and Bavadhaarini singing "Sendhoorappoove"

Vinesh said...

@Jagan: Andha interlude and closing guitar bits-e kaettu sokkaadhavan evanaavadhu iruppaanaa? :-)

@Vatsan: Miss paNNitten :-(

@Einsteinophile: Terrific example! I had prickly pears all over my body, when the crowd cheered for an encore :-D

vasanthi said...

Even I wouldnot recommend re-recording the old songs.they are better the way they are. Regarding Bhavatharini I think she has a divine voice-the song in the movie bharathiar i guess it has been sung beautifully by her.

Ramo said...

Vinesh! I think Shreya Goshal was better of the lot. Have you noticed that she did not falter a bit in lyrics and execution(Khajiraho & Onna Vida)...Sadhana Sargam may fit to your view

anyway the program was great..

pallavi said...

I like Illyaraja.. music... :)

Vinesh said...

@Vasanthi: I did not expect so much opposition to this re-recording suggestion. My concern was classics should not get buried under by bad recordings.

It does occur to me now, though, that they will never find singers to sing like SPB/Janaki of those days :-)

I also did not know Bavadharini had such an ardent fan :-) Mayil Pole song I like, but I thought for a singer, it was nothing spectacular from her. Opinions can be so different :-)

@Ramo: Kaatril Endhan Geetham-le not one but several mistakes. I agree Shreya has a fantastic voice and pronunciation-wise she (and even Sonu) is better than Sadhana (who also many people are getting used to listening, and say she is improving).

But still, if you make sambhar in the same vessel you used to boil milk, still the milk smell arises. Similarly, andha anniya vaadai Shreya, Sadhana, Sonu paadradhule eppavume irukku!

Sutha thamizh singers irukkumbodhu aen indha nilamai-nnu nenachadhaan varuththama irukku.

Jeevan said...

i am a fan of AR, but like Ilaiyaraja's melodies songs. i also saw the concert on Jaya, the Bhavatharani voice is not nice in live, especially in the song, Katril varum gethama, from oru naal oru kanavu.

me too have Thiruvasaham, i heard 2 songs.

div said...

hey i havent seen the concert but just want to leave a comment here....
i agree north singers cannt sing tamil song properly... but we cant charge them...the fault is of music directors...

even they are good singers.. jus losing/getting bad name singing here in south...

well we should appreciate them for aleast they r trying to do it...

Ravi said...

div, appreciate bad pronunication? Its not that they are doing a social service here. I can appreciate their singing skills, talent but never their pronounication.

Moreover, Vinesh, as you rightly said, the north Indian singers do have the accent. Maybe its because the way Dravidian languages and Devanagiri languages are structured. Just a simple example would be the way the northies say 'irukku' (its neither a full 'uu' sound nor just a 'kk' sound - this is where they probably fail miserably).

But Vinesh, what I get frustrated about is when people say that such singers are improving on their diction. This shows how we get used to such bad pronunications.

div said...

@ravi: hehehe u have mistaken me ... i am not talking abt their pronunciation ...even i meant the same ,appreciate their music skills.

its something like this -- calling those ppl to our house..and giving bad comments on them...

i am not here debating anything but.
the fault r within us also... there r many singers(south) who cant pronounce words correctly..

again its all music directors fault..

Srinivasan said...

I too watched the concert... Everyone except Bavadharini was good...She sounded like a kezhavi on the stage...:))

And reg. North Indian singers, what they will do if these music directors want them to sing? :) And when we call them, its our duty to teach them proper diction or pronunciation...There are songs like "Sha la la"(Ghilli), Paatu cholli(Azhagi), Mayilirage(Aa.aah) etc. where the singers have done a very good job of keeping Tamil alive :))

Many of our own singers like Srilekha Parthasarathy, Shalini etc. don't sing in proper Tamil...Then how can we expect it from North Indians?

P.S: Listen to "Kaadhal Poonga" from "Ponniyin Selvan"...Sujatha sings in a beaten up Tamil equal to the male lead Udit Narayan :))

RP said...

Guess ur "re-recording" has created so much of furore. :-) Neways, I agree with all & I understood ur thut too, so am not gonna comment on re-recording. I am hearing your 'sigh of relief' ;-)

About hindi singers, yep. I cannot but agree completely with div for the mistake is only with music director. Why shud they search northwards when we have all the talent? Look all the major singers/music directors are all southindians like ARR, IlliayaRaja, SPB, Chitra, Hariharan (though north settled)... name them & they r south indian.

And, yeah, damn it. I missed the show. woah...woah.. **wailing** I did not know else I wud hve definitely flew into Chennai for the live show. :-(

as always, nice post.


யாத்திரீகன் said...

hm.. enathaan Rahman melodies pottu thaakunaalm, andha violin, guitar-nu spl effects illama varra music touchings thaan pa..

btw regd thiruvasagam.. i didnt really njoy it, i dont want to create a prior image which may be a spoil-sport for you :-D but when u find time do visit here now thatz what i call a wonderfull collection


Murali said...


Surfed into your blog. One of off-scale singers that IR encourages heavily is IR himself. It seems like even a genius' vision gets blurred when it concerns him or his children.

Since you shifted from Rahman to Raja, I suggest you try another shift - Raja to MSV. If you do nto like TMS voice, you can try SPB-MSV combos which are simply out of the world. Also some KJY-MSV combos.


It has many of those combos.

aamuktha said...

hey U r not going to believe this !! 2 days ago i woke still remembering a dream. I had no clue why i even dreamt like that as we haven't spoken to each other in recent times. K. Balachander wants u to sing for his next movie. i was kind of surprised even if u r given an offer it would be a music director and y did K. Balachander come into the picture. Well I sincerely hope it comes true.
For the other readers who are reading this I am Aamuktha , Vinesh's friend from VEC.

narayanan said...

One classic re-recording example I can instantly quote is 'Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya' in the 2004 version of 'Mughal-E-Azam'. Especially watch out for that chorus of 'Chup na sakega ishq hamara' in 2nd charanam and compare it with the 60s version.

I am not dead against re-recording, just the small worry that they don't screw up certain pieces I liked in the original.
It pains me when people like Srikkanth Deva uses left-right speaker effect for songs like "Miya Miya Miya" but to listen to the violins in the charanam of "Sangeedha Megam" we have to crane our ears

I thought stereo effect was something really old. Megam Kottatum's final drums piece is one example of it. You can actually hear the piano on stereo effect in 'Sangeedha Megam's prelude right? I din't really pay attention to the violins in the charanam before, kettu paathu solren :), but did'nt it sound great without
especially Yuvan Shankar singing "Chinna KaNNan Azhaikkiraan"

ennaala ninachu kooda paaka mudiyale da saami. "enna kodumai saravanan idhu?" :-). concert pona ellarum eppadi indha kodumaya kettu summa irundhanga :-?
It's not just the fault of the singers alone, its the whole team that approves a flawed diction too. Some minor ones are defenitely acceptable in return for one tonne of sweetness ;). Did'nt we all like Jency :-)


Vinesh said...

@Jeevan: You should listen to more Raaja numbers buddy, I'm sure you will enjoy them :-)

@Div: "its something like this -- calling those ppl to our house..and giving bad comments on them..."
Hahaha! :-D I Know what you mean :-)

@Ravi: That was a good explanation buddy. Dissect this: Sadhana singing Joolai Malarhalaeyyy...:-)

Vinesh said...

@Srinivasan: You won't believe this, but I even struggle to listen to Paattu Cholli :-( It's just for Raaja's classic composition that I listen to it!

Will listen to the song you mentioned buddy :-)

@Rp: Our Chinnakkuil Chitra can outdo all these Shreyas and Sadhanas any day :-)

@Yaathreegan: I've already built up a lot of expectations about TiS :-( Hope I am not disappointed!

@Murali: I also used to think that Raaja was a bad singer. In fact in many songs, yes, I can't stand him. But then again, in many songs, like Thenral Vandhu Theendum Bodhu, I cannot imagine it without Raaja.

You know what buddy, as you said, after the Rahman-Raaja shift, I also began listening to MSV which I had previously ignored because I could not stand TMS (you do mind reading or what!!) and just as you have mentioned, SPB came to my rescue. My most favourite songs are the early SPB 70-s songs, most of them composed by MSV I believe!

Thanks for dropping by, buddy :-)

Vinesh said...

@Aamuktha: Hey! That was sweet of you! :-) But was this dream real, or is it like Balachander's next movie, "Poi"? :-D

@Ranganathan St: Your point is more clear to me now, buddy! :-)

The violins I referred to in Sangeedha Megam start during the lines "Indha Dhegam Maraindhaalum Isaiyaai Malarvaen", reach a crescendo with the end of the charanam. Same for other charanam. Listen to it :-)

Karthik was supposed to sing "Chinna KaNNan" I think but Yuvan came in suddenly and started off in his croaking style. Chinna KaNNan alikkiraan-nu paadunaan.

Chinna Raaja Azhikkiraan-nu en manasukku pattuchu :-(

I will try and listen to the Mughal-e-Azam song that you mentioned.

Paavai said...

Old songs by SPB and TMS too are great - aayiram nilave vaa, poo malayil, adho anda paravai pola and P Suseela :)-

aamuktha said...

The dream was definitely real. And i had no clue that a movie named "poi" was coming out and that it is being made by balachander

Preethi said...

I too watched all three parts . I wept for many songs especially for Janani , Three-in-One and Naan Thedum

I saw Mrs. Yesudass also weeping for Janani song.

I really couldn't believe Rahman fan turning to be IR fan. Because I believe both are in different extremes.

I hate playing all the instruments from the same dappa and proudly saying computerised music. You cannot enjoy nadhaswaram playing it from any dappa.

Regarding North Indian singers, I too feel very bad for this. Not only north indians mallus and telugus dominate tamil filmi music. Do u think tamils are not capable. Very few singers like Anuradha Sriram,Harini,Harish Raghavendra shines. Deepan Chakravarthy,K.N.Surendher ,Arunmozhi are not popular as other non-tamil singers.

Ilaiyaraja - Bharathiraja combo period is really golden period for tamil cinema. I really miss them a lot.

Very good points Vinesh

narmadha said...
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narmadha said...

regarding the re-recording raja's scored numbers will be very good if he does it...can get yuvan's help in recent trends

people in tamil nadu are punished with north indian singers...sadana did well only in vennilave(minsara kanavu)....but even pure tamil singers like tippu equally stands with them....

sujatha never gets 'la'(middle one...b/w simple la and zha)properly. ithink many new faces shud come...and moreover nowadays listening to songs has reduced ....we have time to hear only when we go in carn listening to is best heard when heard in peaceful environment...

Anonymous said...

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