Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I am autofellow autofellow
This Thamizh song was translated into English by a good friend Vega, back in college. Was suddenly reminded of it, so posting it for today. Try and sing it in tune with the original, folks! :-)

Vega if you're reading this: I miss those days da! :-)


I am autofellow autofellow
Four knowing route fellow
Justice having rate fellow
Good people mix fellow
Nice singing song fellow
Gandhi borning country fellow
Stick take means hunter fellow
Big people's relation fellow
Mercy having mind fellow da
I am all poor's relative fellow da
I am always poor people's relative fellow da
Achak means achak only; Gumuk means gumuk only
Achak means achak only; Gumuk means gumuk only

Town become big, population become big
Bus expecting, half age over
Life become hectic in time, exist in corner of street
Ada eye beat means love coming they telling
You hand clap means auto coming I telling
Front coming look, this three-wheel chariot
Good come and arrive, you trust and climb up
Mercy having mind fellow da
I am always poor people's relative fellow da
Achak means achak only; Gumuk means gumuk only
Achak means achak only; Gumuk means gumuk only

Mummy motherfolk, danger not leave
Heat or cyclone, never I never tell
There there hunger take means, many savoury
Measurement food is one time
For pregnancy I come free mummy
Your child also name one I keep mummy
Letter lacking person ada trusting us and coming
Address lacking street ada auto fellow knowing
Achak means achak only ; Gumuk means gumuk only
Achak means achak only ; Gumuk means gumuk only


Jeevan said...

Super translation. :) you can give this song to mickel Jackson to sing.

Sneha Acharya said...

HA HA HA .. chancee illa ... hieghts of literal translation :-)

idareblog said...

the guy has so much creativity ya.
paiyan vachirukan romba creativity.
idhebdi iruku?

sai thilak said...

" Achak means achak only ; Gumuk means gumuk only " -- chancea illa :) I couldnt stop laughing...

Srinivasan said...

Soaka keedhu pa, kalakkiteenga as usual. Unga friend-um thaan :-)

Vani Viswanathan said...

Achak means achak only; Gumuk means gumuk only
awesome! good work, vinesh's friend vega!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

:))..damn good! (btw, my sis asked me to read this!)

aamuktha said...

hi Vinesh, never knew that vivekanand was such a good lyrcist. He did a good job!!

narmadha said...

hi...i have read many translated songs like this...but nothing to this core of perfection....enjoyed a lot....well done vega

revatechnic said...

well, since you give me this...
i want to share something else...

Naan software kaaran, software kaaran
naalum therinja PC kaaaran
Mainfram-la COBOLkaaran
internet la -JAVA kaaran
cut and pasteu velaikaaran
logic ulla moolaikaaran
naan yeppavume body shoppong oravukkaranda..
Y2K na ajakkuthaan, Y2Kna Gumukkuthaan (2X)

project perusaachu, code-um persusaachu
bug-ga yedhirpaathu, paadhi vayasaachu
review padapadakkum neraththile
e-mail windowin orathile
naan H1le ilavasama poaramma..
un pillaikkoru B1 vaangi thaaremaa..

nambi vandhu paaru, idhu namma softwaru
microsoft-u product, windows-nu paeru
naan backend-ulla DB kaaran da..
frontend ulla VB kaaran daa..
Y2K na ajakkuthaan, Y2Kna Gumukkuthaan (2X)

Sid said...

::rollong on the floor and laughing::

Archana said...

ROFL :-))!

maha said...

HAHA tat was very very funny, i even called some of my friends and sung it to them. they were rolling with laughter...

narayanan said...

naanga summa 1-2 vari maathirukkom. indha madiri paatu full'a transilterate panninadha idhaan first time paakaren.


sukhanya said...

ROTFL.....was good......

I was asked to translate " Edho oru paatu en kadhil ketkum" during my ragging in 1st yr college.. nd was asked to sing the full song in stage.. we had official raggin in our was nice...way of knowing ur seniors ;-) esp if they are cute :P


Adaengappa !! said...

Adengappa !!

revatechnic said...

yeah.. got another one actually
we always do this..

athaanda ithaanda, arnunachalam naanthaandaa
sondha veetu thambiyeh petrol oothi konnendaa.

maybe some other time

Vinesh said...

@To All: Ellaa pugazhum Vega-vukke! :-D

@Revatechnic, that software song was really good! :-)

@Sukhanya, post your translation of Edho Oru Paattu pls :-)

Prabhu S said...

ROTFL, good work by your friend Vega

Gladtomeetin said...

hahaha! Really Funny !!! First time to your blog :-))

still_figuring_out said...

LMAO. seriously...

"Achak means achak only ; Gumuk means gumuk only"

is too funny!!

Somu said...


I just received this song as a forward from my brother... And since I had earlier read it in your blog, I cud come here quick. Tell your friend his translation is going places :o))))

sai thilak said...

came here again to tell u that i am getting this 'Rajni post' in mails !!! from the morning i would have got atleast 25 mails....still in rounds....theivame kaapathu.... :)

priya said...

literal translation!!!
rockin nananannana :)


யாத்திரீகன் said...

machan.. egapatta group-la ithu fwd-saa suthuthu...

college bench-la thaalam pottu itha paaduna epdi irukumnu yosichu parthaen.. oray kalakals thaan poo...


Jayan said...

Had the best laugh in recent times :) Simply outta the world !

Lion King said...

Simply superb! Btw, its really doing rounds on the net as forward!

vega said...

thanks all! :-)

Vikram H said...

This was one hell of a laughter riot! This sets the standards for all literal-translation songs!

RP said...

Maamu, Kallakitta. College-brain maadiri endha creative brain-e kidaiyaadhu.

vasanthi said...

superb acchak means acchak is th ebest

Swahilya said...

Wow. So humourous.

visithra said...

just letting u know its going around as a fwd ;)

Karthik said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Karthik said...

Hey Vinesh,

Is this Vega you are referring to Vivekanand from Velammal?


Sushil said...

Wonderful translation. I wish I had seen this earlier. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks to your friends Vega.

Anonymous said...


anantha said...

Vinesh: Coming here after a long time. I've already gotten this as a forward barely days after you posted it here... Rip roaring it is... And btw, its not as bad as Anon has shouted here...

Anonymous said...

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