Thursday, September 08, 2005


Have been tagged by Fathima, Preethi, Magic Lens, and Anupama for the same questionnaire. Have shortened the list of items from seven to five :-)

Five things you plan to do before you die:

Me in SunTV Sapthaswarangal finals1. Release a music album (containing songs I've written, composed and sung)
2. Make a full length movie spoofing myself (I will star in it of course!)
3. Write a Mills & Boon type romance novel (stuff dreams are made of!)
4. Make people laugh (as many people as possible)
5. Speak at least ten languages (fluently)

Five things that you can do:

1. Imagine background music for my everyday actions (with situational songs for effect!)
2. Trust people implicitly (born with this defect)
3. Live in a poetic world (that's what makes life interesting to me)
4. Pun in several languages (how my co-workers bleed!)
5. Watch crap movies just because I like an actress (beauty of a woman, ah!)

Five things that you cannot do:

1. Get to like cars, bikes and driving (the only car I can tell apart from the others is an Ambassador)
2. Participate in gossip, bitchfests (even if i spit, I spit on your face)
3. Tolerate the scent/smell of jasmine, cigarette smoke, incense sticks (either I faint or I vomit)
4. Become fat (despite my best efforts)
5. Digest the fact that Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Asha Bhosle, Yuvan Shankar Raja and Bavadharini continue to sing Thamizh film songs (nenju porukkidhilaye)

Five things that attract you to the opposite sex:

Raja Ravi Varma painting1. Hairstyle
2. Mental strength (million times more than men!)
3. Breasts (too complex to explain why, but obsession started with Ravi Varma paintings and reading ancient Hindu epics)
4. Comfort level with the clothes they wear (whatever they may be)
5. Mildness in manner (bavyama irukkanum, bajaarithanam pannakkoodaadhu! hehe)

Five words you say often:

1. Aaa-haa
2. Adingg
3. Shit
4. Cool
5. Excellent
(and almost every situational Koundamani dialogue or phrase)

Five celebrities I want to meet:

Thalaivar Koundamani1. Koundamani (GOD)
2. S.P. Balasubramaniam (and talk about music ever after!)
3. Madhan, Cartoonist, Film Critic (and ask him interesting questions)
4. Sreenivas, Playback Singer (and talk about music ever after!)
5. Kamal Haasan (and talk to him about cinema, sex and the media)

Five all-time celebrity crushes:
1. Alka Yagnik (first celeb crush)
2. Manisha Koirala (longest celeb crush, lasted until she became ugly a few years ago)
3. Rani Mukherjee (after Hey Ram)
4. Meg Ryan (after You've Got Mail, IQ)
5. Sharon Stone (after Basic Instinct)


Jinguchakka said...

Me too have been tagged and wondering what to write! Hmm.. Nice to see that you have not tagged others. lol.

Jeevan said...

nice tag. i like all 7. your r a big fan of koundamani:)

DaldaDappa and Proud said...

wow... a musician...automatically impressed... :).... lol... like the 5th thing u can't do esp... altho shreya has a pretty gd voice... is tht pic in sapthaswarangal i'm guessing of u???

யாத்திரீகன் said...

>>Trust people implicitly (born >>with this defect)

actual matter-ai vida.. braces-la irundha comment thaan machi super.. ;-)

>>4. Become fat (despite my best >>efforts)

:-D u made me remember some funny moments we used to have during our college with my friend who had the same

un celebraties list-la first paeray :-)) wishing u that to happen..

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Become fat (despite my best efforts)

I know how that feels!!

Anoop Sundaram said...

hey offtrack comment... google ad sense seems to be crap .. atleast for this post of urs!

Random Access said...

Gud one man!

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

Vinesh said...

@Jinguchakka: I guess this questionnaire is doing the rounds and I didn't know who was already tagged for the same, so I spared five people. Hehe!

@Jeevan: The word "fan" is an understatement buddy! :-)

@Preethi: Yup, Shreya is probably the best amongst the worst I mentioned. Reason I don't want them to sing in Thamizh is cos I lose respect for them when they make fools of themselves

And yes, that was me in Sapthaswarangal, about 3-4 years ago.

Vinesh said...

@Sendhil: Buddy, reading such a detailed comment makes me very happy! :-) [BTW, why is your name misspelt in Thamizh as செந்தில்?]

@Kroopz: I have tried every trick in the book except fake proteins and beer. What about you? :-)

@Anoop: I don't see any funny ads from my end, but I can imagine what you're seeing... maybe becos I mentioned some "oh-my-god-taboo" words in my post? Do mail me if they're really offensive ones, I'll see what I can do about it..

@Random Access: hey buddy, thanks for dropping by! :-)

Ravi said...

Vinesh, interesting read! I specially liked the part about 'Udit/Sadhana (& others) singing in Tamizh'.

Btw, Vinesh, is that you on Sun? Let me know if there would be repeat telecast in the near future.

'Senthil' is misspelt is Tamizh?? Confused here on your comment!

யாத்திரீகன் said...

Senthilனு English-ல இருந்தாலும் செந்தில் தானே தமிழ்-ல சரியான Ishpelling ?!?!

இங்க இருக்குறவுங்க எல்லாம்.. என் பெயரை.. SENTIL,SYNTHEL,SYNTHIL,SENDIL-nu பல மாதிரி கூப்பிட்டு காமெடி பண்றாங்க.. இதுல நீ வேற குழப்பம் பண்றியே வினேஷ் :-)

DaldaDappa and Proud said...

vinesh... i guess ur right... but i'm not sure shreya is tht bad... even when it comes to pronounciation... but others ur spot on...
awesome u were on sapthaswarangal... we wld have all love to see it... hey have u tht of putting up some audio blogs??? it wld completely rock... think abt it.. .and hopefully the outcome is +ve...

Paavai said...

reads like sincere and honest responses - unmai vilambi

cRaY3 said...

Vinesh, believe me staying slim and skinny is lots better than being fat...i was too skinny during college but pani poories in mumbai made me gain extra 5 kilos in 3 months and i dunno how to shed that...u know how it feels when people meet u after a long time and say "OMG!!u have put up so much weight?" is almost like saying "Hey, u r now a ugly duckling!!" drop that idea!!
and i dunno wat u meant by "Bavyam" in gals...lot of guys use that to describe gals who are dumb and will do whatever the guy orders!!..i hope u never meant that...and sorry for this huge comment ;)

Fathima said...

U can't tolerate the scent of Jasmine and incense sticks? Hey, they r gud. I love Jasmine so much that I only buy Jasmine incense sticks and Jasmine attar/perfume and wear Jasmine flowers mostly.

Vinesh said...

@Ravi: Yup, that is me on Sun...3-4 years ago. When AVRamanan was the host. There were a couple of repeat telecasts and special shows, but now I don't think they will repeat it anymore.

@Senthil: I don't know if I'm seeing fonts wrong on this computer. Maybe some font is just not installed on this PC.

@Preethi: Would've gone ahead with audio blogging had I been home, but now I don't even have my own computer. Someday maybe..

Vinesh said...

@Paavai: It's so much easier to be like this Paavai! :-) Gets me into trouble often though.

@cRAY3: I do understand that being thin has more advantages, but there was a time I wanted a beefy body! I am wise now :-)

By bavyam I didn't mean "girls should be doormats" but I just get attracted to girls who are mild mannered rather than ones that are loud and boisterous. Many of my girl friends are loud and boisterous, but we are only talking about "initial attraction" in this tag, aren't we? The soft ones are for me :-)

I am honoured by your long comment :-)

@Fathima: I know, many people tell me "Kazhudhaikku theriyuma malli poo vaasana" and I reply "Kazhudhaingalukku mattum dhaan theriyum" ;-) Maybe I have a medical allergy to them or something, dunno, but I can't stand them

Viewer said...

Well i am into payroll processing for British Pertroleum, we mostly do a lot of back office processing but also we have a contact center to cater to ee queries and doubts and I work on both back end and contact center as per the process requirement. Thats why Iam partly a memeber of call center

Jagan said...

"Watch crap movies just because I like an actress " - hi 5 mamu .

releasing music album - looking 4ward to it ..but cd free ya kudu machi

Vinesh said...

@Viewer: I see. Naanum andha kuppaila irundhavan dhaan :-) Now in vera oru kuppa :-)

@Jagan: Neeyuma? Unakku endha actress?

Kozhiye innum vaangale...adhukkulle free mutta kekkriye :-)

priya said...

neeyuma ???? tagging tagging tagging!


யாத்திரீகன் said...

பவ்யமான பொண்னுனா. சடக்குனு நியாபகம் வர்றது "பார்த்திபன் கனவு" படத்துல வர்ற "சத்யா"ன்ற சிநேகா கதாபாத்திரம் தான்..

Oru Girlish character, hey anyone dont bounce back on me saying i'm a yet another male chav.....

i go with vinesh comments.. girls arent to be treated as slaves or machines obeying orders.. but ...but.. i am not getting the right words to explain..

but know what, i like Tomish kinda girls ;-)

பாலகுமாரனின் "இரும்பு குதிரைகள்" நாவல்-ல வர்ற "காயத்ரி" கதாபாத்திரம் மாதிரி.. :-D

யாத்திரீகன் said...

>>Kozhiye innum >>vaangale...adhukkulle free mutta >>kekkriye :-)

தலிவர் கவுன்டர் voice-la படிச்சுப்பார்தேன்.. :-)))))))))))

Neha said...

y do all guys like only "bavyamaana" gals? :)
and heh even u cant become fat is it? naan sapdara fatty food stuffs paathuttu all my frnds who diet ear-laerndhu pohaya varum...but me looks at their extra large size dresses and sighs :-<

Anoop Sundaram said...

hey wasn't offensive n all.. jus saw some comedy stuff completely unrelated (like destroy odors/bad breath soln etc) :-))
hey speaking of "Kazhudhaikku theriyuma malli poo vaasana" i always get reminded of our equivalent to that which was
"donkey kku theriyumaa dettol vasanai"...

sukhanya said...

me too gowndar fan.. big time.. well hopefully will meet him sometime.. :-) wish he comes back to actn with senthil..

nice post...n u look so paavam in that photo...

Bhumi said...

hey vinesh..thanks for visiting my blog :) u've an interesting blog here...ya after all those comments on tht post i've become a netwrok specialist :-p

Sayesha said...

//2. Manisha Koirala (longest celeb crush, lasted until she became ugly a few years ago)

Hahahaha! I know a guy who'd agree with you on that! :D

vasanthi said...

All the best for your musical future

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hats off to you on being so open...I don't want to mention the line.. but I really appreciate your open mind.!

Very nicely written.

Ajitha said...

hey great there was a lots of in the list that is same with me :D...ex:Meg ryan after IQ...

Anyways what r the other 2 langs that ur learning...
I know a little bit of german too ;)...

Ajitha said...

hey enna man..ipdi sollita...cant u seea woman in the pic that I drew....or are u talking abt that kacha moocha pic that I drew :(

KARY said...

Great one Vinesh. BTW did you win in that Saptaswarangal final?

Adaengappa !! said...

Pretty impressive..seems realistic !!

Srinivasan said...


That was really good...Open minded listing :D

P.S.1: That foto of urs was taken during Sapthaswarangal I suppose..


Five thing I do with ur blog :P
1)Read thro'
3)Think abt it
4)Write comments
5)Wait 4 the next
:D :D

Srinivasan said...

Oops...I meant "Five things"

I don't like making Gramatical errors :P

divyasurendiran said...

You seem to have a thing for Koundamani :D
Even i like him.
Most of his shouting and dialogue delivery have me laughing out loud.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Same with me- I am vegatarian, no booze and no medical products. Still hoping to put in some weight!!

Vikram H said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vikram H said...

dude...gimme a small role in your movie spoof!! :)...i assure u im good! :D

By the way, u've never known what it feels like to be with excess baggage all over oneself!! So for heavens sake, please dont 'wish' or 'hope' that u would put on more weight!!

Vinesh said...

@Priya: Yup, orutharukku mooNu paeru vera tag pannittaangaLe :-)

@Senthil: Good that we think on parallel lines. I am friends with some Tomboyish girls too, and they're fantastic friends. Our topic in the tag was very specific, that's all :-)

@Neha: I don't know Neha, but I can tell you it has no chauvinistic background to it :-)

@Anoop: Oh I see, naa vera aedho-nnu nenachitten :-)
"donkey kku theriyumaa dettol vasanai"... good one :-)

Vinesh said...

@Sukku: Good to meet a fellow Kounder fan :-) Rare to find girls who like Kounder so much!

@Bhumi: Guess I can contact you if I have any problems in network :-D Thanks so much for dropping by!

@Sayesha: Yeah! She was pretty in 1942, Bombay etc.. :-)

Vinesh said...

@Vasanthi: Thanks Vasanthi!

@Narayanan Venkitu: Good to see you here after a long time sir! :-) I know what you're referring to though, I'm in two minds now on whether I should've written that..

@Portia: I dabble in Telugu, Tamil, English, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada. French a bit too.. Master of none! :-)

@Kary: Nope Kary. Came 3rd!

@Adengappa: Hi buddy! Good to see you here after a long time :-)

Vinesh said...

@Srinivasan: Wow buddy, thanks so much for your encouraging words! :-)

@Divyasurendiran: Hey, good to see you back in here :-) Glad you like Thalaivar too :-)

@Kroopz: A girl who wants to put on weight! :-) I thought after all the yummy recipes on your blog, you wouldn't have much difficulty! :-p But well, join the club! :-)

@Vikram: Sure buddy, there's a role for you. But first, you have to audition :-p hehe..

All right, due to popular demand, I have decided to stop feeling bad about not being able to put on weight, hehe!

Somu said...


I can understand Udit and Sadna, but why Shreya and Sonu ? I thought Sonu did a good job in oru naal oru kanavu. I am with you on Bavadharani (not sure how she won a national award) and yuvan !!!

Is that you singing in sun TV ?

U hate cigar smoke ? Awww now that takes away my chaces of getting closer to ya if at all we get to meet someday ;o)

harry said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
harry said...

hey so u have also been tagged by this list..good to know that.been your silent admirer for long..i loved your one open line..speaks volumes about honesty...keep more of em coming..

Vinesh said...

@Somu: Frankly, I hate that smoke smell. But I'm willing to make exceptions :-) I already have made exceptions :-)

Yup, that's me on SunTV.

And yes, Shreya and Sonu are the best of the worst. But somehow, andha Hindi vaada adichaale erichala irukku! :-) I feel the same way when I listen to SPB/Yesudas songs in Hindi.

@Harry: Hey buddy, good to see you in here! :-) I guess I've been out of touch with your blog too..will catch up on it for sure :-)

Gayathri said...

Didnt know about your singing talent. Was a pleasant surprise.

BTW, how come you can digest Sukhwinder Singh?

Shrinivas said...

I like the 5things you cannot do, I fell pathetic when Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam, Sonu Nigam, Asha Bhosle, Yuvan Shankar Raja sing tamil songs, and you left out Illayaraja, Kamal Hassan and Deva???

Jeevan said...

come on Vinesh put a new post.

Vinesh said...

@Gayathri: I can't stand his thamizh either, but I don't think he continues to sing in thamizh. It was only during a "season". The others I mentioned are still in circulation. But yes, Sukhwinder pained my sensibilities real bad!

@Karan: I will definitely not include Ilayaraja or Kamal. I feel their thamizh diction is very good. As for Deva, the lesser said, the better.

@Jeevan: Buddy I have a new post now :-) Your enthusiasm is infectious, thanks! :-)

still_figuring_out said...

hey, is that a snapshot of you from an indian talent program?? i think i watched you sing! if it was you, you have a nice voice.

Saravana Kumar said...

btw dude r u the one on the sun tv still ... cool man

Started liking breasts after reading hindu scripturesa ... I strongly believe you've read kama sutra ... lol

naaye naaye ... neeyum goundamani faana

Saravana Kumar said...

dude don't feel bad that I referred u as Naaye .... nothing personal meant ... just gaundamani influence

Vinesh said...

@Still_Figuring_Out: You may have watched me on the TV show buddy, I appeared about 5 times :-) Thanks for the nice words!

@Saravana Kumar: Kamasutra edhukku, namma thirukkuraL-e podhume :-)

Dont worry buddy, for us Koundamani fans, naaye is not an insult. It is a compliment :-)

Madhu said...

Aha! Here's another person who cannot get fat... Same pinch!

Anonymous said...

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