Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I am touched by the concern expressed by so many friends in the comments section of my Mera Naam Joker post. I realised for the first time that people who read my blog are not strangers anymore, but well-wishers :-) I would only like to say that I am fine, and that the burden in my heart is no greater than the burden in anyone else's heart.

Some people associate their feelings with the nature; some with musical instruments; some with animals; and so on. My post was only an expression of my association with the Joker. Probably the examples I gave suggested that I have problems in my love life, hehe. Sorry if I made you lose focus :o)

Couldn't blog yesterday, thanks to "Sify Unlimited Broadband". Just to teach these bashi-bazouks a lesson, I don't mind taking a hundred Anniyan avathaarams!!! Used to be a rebel in school and college, but circumstances mellowed me down!

Of late, when I witness injustice and am helpless, I fall unconscious, and when I wake up, I find myself in a different place. I'm so scared. Anniyan padam paatha effect-o? LOL!


Fathima said...

Idhu varaikkum evlo kolai senjirukke?

Jeevan said...

You, emotionally touched my heart Vinesh.
Anniyan padam paarthu Vinesh ku bayamma!

Vinesh said...

@Fathima: Enna ippdi ellam pesarel. Naekkonnum theriyaadhu :-( Naa oru poochi, ammaanji :-(

@Jeevan: Bayam ille...aana konjam bayam ..hehe

.:: Rosh ::. said...

hey your last post was very touching and the comments even more. Its nice when we get support from places/people we never even expect.
I can deal with the whole world but never with a friend who changes color in time, thats something i'll never ever learn.
K gotta read your princi jokes now to come out of this mood :))

Neha said...

" the burden in my heart is no greater than the burden in anyone else's heart. "
Great attitude :)

Vinesh said...

@MagicLens: Me too touched by the comments of that previous post. Guess each one of us has that sensitive chord running inside us..

@Neha: Isn't it true Neha? It only seems we have more problems than others, because we can't see the others' problems :-)

Pallavi said...

ok I am lost here... was out for 15 days myself... lots to catch up.. but good to see you back

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