Monday, July 04, 2005


I saw ANNIYAN today, several weeks after its release. And no, please don't leave, this is not yet another movie review. But allow me to go on for a few lines about it (hehe). Though Anniyan was indeed very entertaining like most other Shankar movies, I feel that knowing the story in advance must have dampened the impact the movie might have had on me, to a great extent. Which is what I want to blog about today - the need to stay away from spoilers!

I have watched most of my all-time favourite movies like Moonru Mudichu, Aval Appadithaan, most K.Balachander movies, Mogamull, Gentleman (can keep on going) with almost no introduction to the storyline or, sometimes, even the lead cast. It was wonderful to watch the plot in those movies unfold - you had no clue as to what was going to happen next, and at the end of it - even the smallest character left a distinct imprint on your mind.

But after being exposed to countless reviews of Anniyan in magazines, newspapers, TV, you knew when the initial murders were happening that Anniyan was none other than Ambi. Doesn't that spoil the director's purpose in creating the suspense (whatever it was worth)? Even if you tried to stay away from the reviews and quickly book a ticket for the evening show after work, you just had to go to work and have a colleague come up to you and say, "Machaan, Vikram plays 3 characters in Anniyan. Andha scene with Prakashraj paakkanume, he changes from Anniyan to Ambi back and forth, pichi udharittaan, kadichi kodharittaan!" Aarrgghh...thanks for spoiling my movie you IDIOT!!!

Even before watching the movie, you see most of it on TV in the name of Top 10 Movies, Super Scenes, Super Comedy, Super Songs, Super Fight, Super Dance... what else?!! I've often wondered why I don't enjoy movies today, the way I used to before. I guess this is the reason.


Grey Vampire said...

Hehehe it spoilt the suspense much more for me because:
1) Story was bind carbon copy of "TELL ME UR DREAMS" by sidney sheldon

2) Vikram's acting in fighting with himself was very similar to Jim carrey in "Me,Myself and Irene"

3) And dialogues very very very similar to "INDIAN"

hey cool blog here...first time though

ioiio said...

I remember when all my friends went to Kaante. Since few of us had lab sessions we cud not go with them. Adhukku pazhikku pazhi vaangarennu sollindu.. My friends next day boardla perusaa "Lucky ali dhaan police.. Kadaisila ellaarum sethu poiduvaa"nu ezhudhu vechi suspense keduthuttaanunga

Ram.C said...

hi first time here from kaps blog... this comment is on your anniyan post.

i agree that due to the reviews and media hypes most of the movies bomb in the BO. I heard in the first 6 mths of this year, only 6-8 have made good money out of 40. That's why I believe these guys have started taking movies like 'vayasu pasanga' 'sorry, enakku kalyanam ayiducchu' to woo the crowd.. there the crowd knows what is being offred.

The way it goes, only 10-15% may succeed in future.

maha said...

hey, my views are little different here. i do like the suspense in films. but i am terrified of films like chandramukhi and to a little extent, also films like anniyan. so i listen to the entire story in detail before i watch the film so tat i dont get scared by the twists and turns...

Anonymous said...

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