Thursday, July 07, 2005


I lost my freedom to cry whenever I want to, the day I became an adult.

I sometimes want to burst out crying like this baby! He doesn't have to worry about who is around him, or who might be affected by his crying. His family does not break down when he does.

Yesterday I envied someone who was smiling, today I am forced to envy someone who is crying. Such is life. I really don't want to bog anyone down with a sad blog. Let me go check if I have any orange juice. I want to keep drinking until I'm full.


Grey Vampire said...

yeah if u cry u are ridiculed of not being manly thats sick

Vinesh said...

Yeah that too!
I think guys have to fight gender bias as much as girls have to!

Thx for haunting my site everyday Vampire.

URJIT said...

yes! vvery true. that does happen always. more so in India, where gender bias is a huge rift. but frankly to tell you, I do vent out my feeling i want to, altough such situations are very rare too.

neways, thanks for solving all the confusion, maybe that breaks the ice b/w us. must i say something? is that your real photo? i mean there is something that i have to say about it, but only after you confirm my ques.

advise: put up a chatterbox, it is much easier for conversations, just like mine on alphandomega. get the link there, or maybe it is if i remember.

maha said...

u r absolutely right. the most horrible thing in the world is not being able to cry when u desperately want to.
peole often say that only weak hearted people cry. but i think people who dont cry when they want to are the ones who become weak hearted.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

I guess, in a way you are right. Bawlaway and get what u want! Hmmm... now cry and get two whacks! Dear me... getting old is not a great idea!

Fathima said...

I want to cry out loud right now, just for the fun of it!

Vinesh said...

Good to see ppl checking out the archive and actually commenting! Thanks a lot :-)

Talk of the Town said...

I LOVE your blog, and I LIKE you! It's fantastic. Have to go make dinner now (booooring), but will be back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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